Who Did It Better? Tokyo Disney Resort or Walt Disney World?

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Tokyo Disneyland and Magic Kingdom Castles

What is your favorite Disney Park in the World? What are Disney Parks on your vacation bucket list? As a Disney fanatic, I hope to visit every Disney Park. So far, we’ve jet-set to Disneyland Paris and, most recently, Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, Japan.

Tokyo, Japan, is a dream vacation destination for travelers that like to explore cuisine and admire the urban marvel of cities. Between touring street markets, admiring Tokyo Bay seeing Tokyo Tower, and day-tripping to Mt. Fugi, drafting an itinerary in Japan can be tricky. There is genuinely so much to see!

Tokyo Disneyland Castle 40th Anniversary Celebration
Credit: Katie Chapman

Still, Disney fans must make time to visit the Disney Parks in Tokyo, Japan. The Oriental Land Company owns Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Having opened in 1983, this Park still has all the detailed theming, fun rides, and excellent Cast Members you expect in a Disney Park. Still, I love comparing theme Parks, so let’s see who did it better, Tokyo Disney Resort or Walt Disney World.

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Tokyo Disney Ticket Prices

Let’s talk about tickets. Ticket prices at the Tokyo Disney Parks are much lower than Walt Disney World Park tickets. Disney World prices vary based on the day you visit but run $109-$189 daily. Meanwhile, Tokyo Disneyland tickets run around $58 per day. The stark price difference translates into the Park as well. I purchased 40th Anniversary sequined Minnie Ears for $14 instead of $35, which is the price at Walt Disney World. Popcorn sells for around $2 per box at Tokyo Disney; in general, it’s just cheaper to enter and enjoy Tokyo Disney Parks.

40th Anniversary Tokyo Disney Resort
Credit: Katie Chapman

Another better ticket perk at Tokyo Disney Resort is the option to buy an early evening entrance to the Park. When we arrived earlier than anticipated at our hotel on Friday afternoon, we purchased an Early Evening Passport Ticket for $38 to enjoy the evening in the Park. We quickly bought an evening ticket and rode to Maihama Station to visit DisneySea. Crowds at Walt Disney World Resort would prevent this ticketing option, but it was an excellent opportunity to see more of the Park for a great price.

How to buy Tokyo Disney tickets

Tokyo Disneyland Monsters Inc. Ride
Credit: Katie Chapman

Buying tickets to Tokyo Disney is done online, similar to purchasing Walt Disney World Park tickets. The website can be tricky, so I advise you to clear your caches, buy tickets with a Discover or American Express credit card and use Google Chrome as the browser for your ticket purchase. Disney Tokyo tickets sell out, so purchase them as soon as possible. Tickets are open on the websites two months before your Park visit date. Buy Tokyo Disney tickets or Tokyo Disney packages that include Disney Hotel and dining perks from the official Tokyo Disney Resort website.

Covered Main Street, U.S.A.


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A sky ceiling covers Main Street, U.S.A., at Tokyo Disneyland to block the sun and rain. The coverage is fantastic on a rainy day. The functionality allows shops not to be overcrowded with Guests looking to get in out of the rain, as often happens at Magic Kingdom Park. While the functionality is excellent, the Main Street, U.S.A. at Walt Disney World is more beautiful and is better for photos.

Tokyo Disneyland Best Rides

Tokyo Disneyland Baymax Ride
Credit: Katie Chapman

Ride-wise, Disney Parks in Orlando, Florida, and Tokyo Disney Resort rides are close. I loved seeing new-to-me rides like Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. Princess lovers know the Beauty and the Beast ride in Tokyo Disney is a Fantasyland highlight. This incredible ride is immersive and fun, bringing Guests into the enchanted castle.

Are the rides in Disneyland Tokyo in English?

Tokyo Disneyland its a small world
Credit: Katie Chapman

Wondering if the rides at Tokyo Disneyland are in English? You are not alone. The answer is mostly, no. That said, some songs, catchphrases, and dialogue is in English. Pirates of the Caribbean is an English-speaking ride. Japanese attractions are still fun, and Cast Members are helpful as you experience loading rides and preshows as an English-speaking Guest. Don’t worry about the language barrier; you will still love your time at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Tokyo Disney Resort Merchandise Is the Best!

As a Disney shopper, I always look for the cutest t-shirts, mugs, plush, pins, and treats on my vacation. I was in retail heaven at Tokyo Disney. The abundance of plush keychains and the variety of plush characters were incredible. Overall, I loved how many nods to classic Disney characters were on shop shelves.

Tokyo Disneyland Merch
Credit: Katie Chapman

The baby oysters from Alice in Wonderland adorned keychains, Nurse Nana from Peter Pan was available for purchase as a plushy friend, and lots of classic Disney movie characters studded stationery and shirts.

The Disney balloon line “Magic in the Air,” 40th Anniversary merchandise, snack-inspired products that feature Mickey and Minnie Ice Pops, and the awesome home products were overwhelming in the best way. Tokyo Disney Resort wins in the merchandise and souvenir department!

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Bakery Treats

This may seem niche, but I love snagging a Mickey cookie or chocolate-dipped apple to eat as I await Happily Ever After in Magic Kingdom. I was excited to visit the confectionary at Tokyo Disneyland and was surprised to see no cases of treats in sweet shops.

Little Green Men Mochi Disneyland Tokyo
Credit: Katie Chapman

Packaged cookies, boxed candy, or character snacks were on shelves but overall looked like a standard grocery store cookie with character packaging. Cultural preferences, Guest purchase volume, or other reasons could account for this difference. Still, I think our Walt Disney World Resort confectionary beats the Tokyo Disney Resort sweet shop model.

Electrical Parade

Tokyo Disney Electrical Parade
Credit: Katie Chapman

The Main Street, U.S.A. Electrical Parade and earlier SpectroMagic were Park highlights when I visited the Magic Kingdom. So, of course, I was delighted to see the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade. This theme Park experience was so exceptional. Tokyo Disneyland did the Electrical Parade much better than I imagined.

Tokyo Disney Electrical Parade Dream Lights
Credit: Katie Chapman

Floats were more extensive and numerous, light variations gave the floats even more movement, and the seated Parade viewing tradition at Tokyo Disneyland means the whole experience was more enjoyable. I firmly believe that Tokyo Disney Parades beat Walt Disney World Parades.

Fireworks Display

After the Parade, fireworks light up the sky over Tokyo Disneyland. Fireworks are the most magical end to any Park day, and we loved viewing the fireworks from Main Street, U.S.A., at Tokyo Disney. Unfortunately, the show was much shorter than the fireworks at Walt Disney World. Magic Kingdom Park fireworks win over Tokyo Disney Resort fireworks.

Tokyo Disneyland and Magic Kingdom Castles

The magic of Tokyo Disney Resort and Walt Disney World Resort is special for different reasons. Walt Disney World Resort is impressive as the largest Disney Park in the world, composed of 4 fun-filled Parks. Tokyo Disney Resort has great character-centric parades, rides, theming, and souvenirs that Guests go crazy for. Remember to browse Inside the Magic for info about how to have the best day in any Disney Park.

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