Mouthwatering Tokyo Disneyland Snacks We Wish Were at a Park Near Us!

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Tokyo Disney Resort Food

Hard core fans of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are the place to go for delicious themed vacation food. Disneyland Resort has unofficially been hailed by many Disney fanatics as the best Disney Park in the U.S.A. for delicious food. That said, Walt Disney World is home to treats that are hard to bypass. Mickey Premium Bars, Dole Whips and Turkey Legs are all Magic Kingdom snacks with a huge following.

Tokyo Disneyland Park Ticket and Entrance 40th Anniversary
Credit: Katie Chapman

But the delicious eats are not limited to Parks in the United States. Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, Japan has excellent culinary options for Guests to enjoy. On a recent vacation to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea I made it my mission to try as many snacks as possible. Here is the scoop on Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea snacks.

Where is Tokyo Disney located

Tokyo Disney Resort opened in 1983 and is composed of two theme Parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Tokyo Disney tickets can be purchased online prior to your visit. There are plenty of hotels near Tokyo Disney Resort to choose from on your vacation. We chose to stay at Hilton Tokyo Bay and loved the convenience and amenities of this resort. Guests are asked not to bring food or drinks into Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea.

Tokyo Disney Monorail Line
Credit: Katie Chapman

When you think of Japanese food you likely think of ramen, sushi, udon, Tokyo box snacks and Japanese candy. While you’ll find plenty of these snacks in the city of Tokyo, you’ll see variations of these dishes and themed foods on Disney Tokyo Resort menus.

Food at Tokyo DisneySea

Inspired by the water, Tokyo DisneySea is divided into sections and include the Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, the Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, and the American Waterfront.

Raspberry Cheesecake Popcorn Tokyo Disneyland
Credit: Katie Chapman

Popcorn is the most popular snack at Tokyo Disney. Souvenir popcorn bucket clad locals snacked on flavored popcorn that varied from stand to stand. My husband David and I made it your business to try as many flavors as possible during each Park day.

Tokyo Disney Resort Popcorn Flavors
Credit: Katie Chapman

We chowed down on popcorn flavors like raspberry cheesecake, soy sauce and butter, chocolate drizzle, matcha white chocolate and cheddar popcorn.  The popcorn was big on flavor, the perfect sharing size and so yummy. If popcorn is your snack of choice, you will be in heaven at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Ukiwa Bun and Chicken Thigh
Credit: Katie Chapman

We enjoyed some delicious savory snacks through the day. The 40th Anniversary Ukiwa Bun was an adorable Mickey-shaped food that is striped, branded and filled with a juicy spiced chicken mixture. When exploring Mysterious Island, we snacked on a Steamed Sausage Bun that was filling and flavorful. It paired perfectly with a kiwi cocktail. The most unique food of the day was unexpected. A rolled spiced chicken thigh with sesame seeds hit the spot. This juicy and delicious meaty snack was a fun Japanese take on a Disney turkey leg.

Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream Tokyo DisneySea
Credit: Katie Chapman

DisneySea really delivered on delicious sweets. While exploring King Triton’s Kingdom in Mermaid Lagoon we snagged a Sea Salt Caramel ice cream sandwich. This treat even had a tart raspberry swirl inside that perfectly offset the flavor of the sweet caramel. This incredible treat takes the prize as my favorite ice cream dessert I’ve ever had in a Disney Park. On the way out of the Park, we snagged a 40th Anniversary tiramisu doughnut. The creamy center and fresh frosting did not disappoint. I can’t pass up a Mickey-shaped dessert!

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Best Snacks at Disneyland

Monsters Inc. Malone Bread and Soy Sauce Popcorn Tokyo Disneyland
Credit: Katie Chapman

Food at Tokyo Disneyland

We started the day at Tokyo Disneyland of with fluffy Melon Bread in the shape of none other than that famous monster Mike Wazowski! The Mike Melon Bread was so yummy and made the perfect breakfast. From there we walked into Tomorrowland to try the bouncy and adorable Toy Story-inspired Little Green Men Mochi.

Little Green Men Mochi Disneyland Tokyo
Credit: Katie Chapman

These are perhaps the most famous Tokyo Disney Resort snack. An order comes with three Mochi in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavors. These doughy yummy treats were the best food of the day. I wish these were available in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World!

Pineapple Pizza and Potato Rounds Tokyo Disneyland
Credit: Katie Chapman

When it was time for lunch, we headed past Pinocchio’s Daring Adventure and “it’s a small world” to purchase pineapple pizza and cheddar potato rounds in Fantasyland. The cheesy potato rounds were similar to a hash brown and were my favorite savory food of the day.

Mickey Ice Pop Tokyo Disneyland
Credit: Katie Chapman

After watching the parade and riding favorites like The Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean, it was time for a cool afternoon snack. We had to try a Mickey Ice Pop while exploring Adventureland. This juicy orange treat did not disappoint. It took all my strength to avoid purchasing all the adorable t-shirts, pillows and plush in shops that were stamped with Mickey and Minnie Ice Pops. The Ice Pop popularity at Tokyo Disneyland felt similar to the Dole Whip craze at Magic Kingdom.

Baymax Burger Tokyo Disneyland
Credit: Katie Chapman

We finished our night with an adorable Baymax Burger in Tomorrowland. This juicy burger was served right next door to the Baymax ride which was one of the biggest hits in Tokyo Disneyland Park.

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If you want to ensure you don’t miss any seaside snack on your vacation, follow these tips. Check out vlogs and TikTok videos showcasing snacks you may want to try. Start a running list with foods and location in your notes app. Watching vlogs and curating a must-eat list before our visit was pivotal to understanding more about each dish and making informed purchasing decisions. Don’t forget to check operating hours at the snack spots you want to visit to ensure they will be open when you are hungry. Some stands close a few hours before Park closure each evening.

Tokyo Disneyland Castle 40th Anniversary Celebration
Credit: Katie Chapman

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