Andy Muschietti Boosted By Tom Cruise’s Praise For ‘The Flash’

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(L to R) Michael Keaton's Batman, The Flash, and Supergirl in 'The Flash' poster

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A few months ago, it was going around that Tom Cruise had specially requested a private screening of DC’s The Flash from Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav – and he loved it.

Cruise’s viewing came at a critical time for the filmmakers – as rumors and backlash raged over the complicated controversies surrounding star Ezra Miller’s multiple criminal infractions. There were even rumors at one point that the movie would be cancelled altogether.

Batman (Ben Affleck) and The Flash (Ezra Miller)
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The Flash‘s director, Andy Muschietti, has recently opened up and said that Tom Cruise’s overtures gave him “more confidence in the thing that we did, because the movie was finished by the time that [Cruise] saw it, so it was a confidence boost.”

Muschietti also mentioned that Stephen King had seen and loved the film as well – high praise from two of the biggest names in the game.

Barbara Muschietti: Hollywood Can Be a “Very Cynical Industry”

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Andy Muschietti wasn’t the only one who was grateful for the boost: His wife, producer Barbara Muschietti, was effusive when discussing the Top Gun: Maverick star and what his words meant.

It’s a very cynical industry, and to hear people that really have no skin in the game, because they have nothing to gain, just say something that lovely. In the case of Tom Cruise, he called us, talked for 15 minutes, praising Andy, praising the film.

It just feels very good because we really work very hard to make these movies.

The internal support speaks to the true heart of the filmmaking industry. In the face of a writers’ strike and the threat of a SAG-AFTRA strike to follow, it can be easy for both those on the inside and those of us watching from the other side of the screen to forget what lies beyond all the contracts and analytics and board-level decisions: People who love telling stories, and take pride in telling them well.

How Is ‘The Flash’ Expected to Do in Theaters?

Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash
Credit: DC/Warner Bros.

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For all the gossip and hubbub leading up to this premiere, it seems like The Flash is doing extraordinarily well: The film’s current audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is a whopping 95% (though the critical score is only 67%), and it is is expected to make $155 million globally after its first weekend in theaters, which begins tomorrow, June 16.

It will certainly be interesting to see how things play out once The Flash is loose – for Andy Muschietti, Ezra Miller, David Zaslav, and the entire DC Universe.

Are you looking forward to seeing The Flash in theaters? How do you think the movie will be? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments.

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