DC Goes Too Far? Promotes ‘The Flash’ Without Any Trace of Ezra Miller

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Ezra Miller and Sasha Calle in 'The Flash' (2023)

Credit: DC/Warner Bros.

The Flash (2023) might be Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen/Flash, but DC doesn’t want fans thinking about the controversial actor, so their marketing is ditching them for another iconic super hero.

Ezra Miller suited up as 'The Flash' in the new 'The Flash' DC movie
Credit: Warner Bros.

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Unlike other super hero movies, The Flash has been in development for over a decade. Ever since 2014, DC has been working on a Flash movie. The script and themes for the film have drastically changed over the years, and now the movie will be the final chapter in the DCEU and reboot the franchise just in time for James Gunn.

James and Peter Safran are helming a new era of the DCU, which will start officially with Superman: Legacy (2025), but The Flash helps launch a new chapter for DC. Now, fans are still unsure who will stay and who will be recast in Gunn’s universe, but those details will be revealed in time.

Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flash trailer
Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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Ezra Miller, on the other hand, is in a weird spot. The actor made headlines for kidnapping and running away with a teenager they allegedly brainwashed and started a cult-like movement in Europe last summer. On top of this, the actor was accused of threatening a few families and holding children on a weed farm. Surprisingly, the only crime the actor was charged with was theft, as they stole alcohol from a neighbor last year.

Now, DC has salvaged their new movie starring the actor by ensuring Miller gets the proper treatment and not allowing the press to talk to them. So far, it has worked, but the studios also made a considerable push elsewhere. Marketing. Every trailer and product shows that The Flash is apparently less about the Scarlet Speedster and more about Batman.

Supergirl using her heat vision
Credit: DC Studios/Warner Bros.

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Some have gone far enough to call it, “Batman: No Way Home,” as the movie will reportedly have 3 Batman actors in the film. Still, the movie has shown a sliver of Miller’s performance to avoid fans thinking too much about the actor. Even the merchandise waves focus more on Batman than Flash, as one fan pointed out online:

This says a lot about The Flash

Eight different Batman toys compared to the one Flash toy say everything. DC is going full-send on making sure Batman is the reason people see this movie. Why? Because The Flash can’t sell well if fans are thinking of Ezra Miller. Andy Muschetti, the director, revealed that if the film is super successful, Miller won’t be replaced if they do a sequel which means that DC might be banking on the fact that fans might forget about Miller now, and bring them back for future movies.

If DC gets their way, Flash won’t be replaced, and Batman will save the day again. Here’s hoping that DC knows what they’re doing because someone like Miller isn’t the best actor to rely on because of their troubling track record.

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