‘The Flash’ Will Officially Canonize James Gunn

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To be made canon in a universe means that you or the properties you are involved with are shown in some fashion. Though he might not have had anything to do with it, James Gunn will officially be canonized in The Flash.

Ezra Miller suited up as 'The Flash' in the new 'The Flash' DC movie
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The Flash has been ramping up its promotions lately, and there has been a bevy of trailers showcasing some of the more exciting moments the upcoming DC feature offers. The advertisements and backing that the forthcoming film has is working, as most of the early reviews have been praising the film.

This could be because the lead actor has a torrid relationship with the film. Ezra Miller has been making headlines for quite a long time, and none of those headlines have helped the case of the actor. Though we are unsure that he will be moving on as Barry Allen/The Flash, Miller has stated that they plan to bypass all press, so the film is what he is focused on.

James Gunn is also now in charge of the DC Films division, so the decision to use Miller past this film will ultimately lie in his hands. Whether or not The Flash canonized Gunn to help bolster that kind of deal, it is hilarious that he is technically a character within the confines of the DCU.

Gunn responded to an eagle-eye fan who confirmed that the director exists in the DCU.

James Gunn is Canonized By Poster in ‘The Flash’

The above image shows a scene where young Barry Allen is hanging out in his room. Behind him is a poster for Scooby-Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed. The sequel to the hit live-action film was directed by James Gunn, making him officially canon within the DCU.

Again, we think this is just a head nod to the director, as he is now in charge of the DCU. Then again, director Andy Muschietti might be using this small moment to curry favor with Gunn so that he might be invited to direct another DCU feature, including the reported completed script for The Flash 2.

Gunn’s response of “I’m canon?” indicates that he had no idea this was going to happen, but we are sure it likely put a smile on his face.

Ezra Miller and Sasha Calle in 'The Flash' (2023)
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This is not the first time a DC creator was made canon in a property under the comic company’s IPs. During the 365th episode of Teen Titans, longtime DC director Zack Snyder appeared as himself in the episode. That means that Zack Snyder and James Gunn are tangible characters in DC. Now, we wonder if they might meet and fight one day.

Do you think James Gunn being canonized in The Flash could be to get him to approve the sequel? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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