The Biggest DCU Issue Is Continuity, and Recasting Green Arrow Will Be Another Mistake

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The CW had an arguably good run portraying some of the biggest and best DC heroes. Sadly, the network is now being gutted and turned into something completely different. Arrow was one of the first shows to go, which starred Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Though Amell had repeatedly stated that he was tired of portraying the character on the small screen, it would have been smart for DCU to entertain the idea of bringing him into a live-action movie.

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The issue that has plagued DC for many years over has been its continuity. There has been no rhyme or reason to the movies and television shows that have been put together, which has made it harder to pay attention to or care about anything released under the DC banner.

That was until the Arrowverse was released. For the first time in a long time, it appeared that DC had some semblance of a solid plan. Arrow brought the Green Arrow to the hearts and minds of a vast audience. We saw The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and Batwoman from there.

However, all those wonderful shows were also canceled individually, leaving the one-great Arrowverse a shell of its former self. DC could have done so much more with the Arrowverse, especially if those heroes had been brought to the live-action movie universe in some fashion. Instead, they allowed great actors like Stephen Amell to slip away.

Marvel is now cluing into the idea that TV and film can coexist and blend in wonderful ways. Granted, it took them nearly 15 years to figure that out, but at least it’s happening. DC could do the same thing by bringing back some of its better Arrowverse stars, and Green Arrow would certainly be one of the better choices IF they were to contact Stephen Amell about the opportunity.

Stephen Amell Reacts to James Gunn Recasting Green Arrow

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Stephen Amell was attending a Whatnot live signing when he divulged his opinion about James Gunn recasting the character he played for nearly a decade. According to Amell:

“I am a custodian for Oliver Queen, and [Grant Gustin] is a custodian for Barry Allen in the same way that… look, I don’t think anyone’s asking Tom Welling how he feels about who’s going to play the new Superman. Now, I get the proximity and stuff like that, but there will be another Oliver Queen. There will and it’ll be new and cool and exciting and however much the internet hates it is probably a direct indication as to how good it’s going to be”

Amell can consistently be credited for always being gracious in his responses. He is a custodian for Green Arrow, but one that should also be welcomed back. Honestly, who else will play the character as well as he did?

To be fair, The CW has always added a bit of melodrama to their shows, but Amell’s portrayal of the character was far darker and brooding. We would go so far as to say it was a bit more Batman than anything else.

“You’ve got to remember that these people aren’t randomly picked. Very, very smart people think long and hard about how they’re going to go about this, and I’m sure that whoever they pick, if, in fact, they do, maybe they don’t care about the character, I don’t know, will do an amazing job,” Amell added.

We would certainly like to think that DC has always taken the time to think about casting, but it is in those casting choices that they have failed many times over. The failure has not come with the actors chosen to portray some of the best characters, but those characters continue not to be utilized correctly.

Look at what has happened with the mess of Henry Cavill. Though we understand James Gunn has now been brought on to finally release a cohesive release plan, Cavill being welcomed back and then canned again made this continuity issue even more glaring.

Can the DCU Do Things the Right Way?

James Gunn at SDCC
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DC might be turning the page on its continuity issues with James Gunn’s DCU Chapter 1 release slate, but we, and the many DC fans of the world, remain far more skeptical because of the track record the comic book company has held for years.

We also understand that resetting the universe once again might be needed, but there could be some holdouts from past universes brought back to add some fan service to this reset. Think of Michael Shannon as Zod, Micheal Keaton as Batman, and let’s throw Stephen Amell back in as Green Arrow.

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His reprisal is not confirmed, but that would be the best-case scenario for fans and Amell. The actor stated that he feels he is not done portraying the character but would only do so in a limited series or movie format. Give him a call, Gunn.

Do you think James Gunn should bring back Amell’s Green Arrow to the DCU? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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