Tigger Accused of Groping Disney World Guest

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Tigger Accused at Disney World; Shocked News

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One of the highlights of many Walt Disney World vacations is the character interactions throughout the Park, including meet-and-greets and interactive dining experiences. However, things took a dark turn when a female Guest claimed that an “overly silly and flirtatious” Tigger ran his hands down her back.

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Everyone wants their trip to the Walt Disney World Resort to be memorable and joyous. Whether you’re visiting the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, or Hollywood Studios, your vacation should be a wonderful experience. In fact, that should be the case with every Disney Park!

Unfortunately, this was not the case for a group of 40 travel agents who took a trip to the Magic Kingdom. While this trip was meant as a celebration of their business’ success, the elation swiftly ended when one agent claimed to be groped by Tigger during a character dining experience at the Crystal Palace restaurant.

Travel Agency’s Disney World Trip Ruined

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According to an article in Florida Politics, a woman who was part of a large group of travel agents visiting Disney World was scared, upset, and “appeared to have been crying” because of an encounter with a Tigger character actor in the Crystal Palace restaurant in the Magic Kingdom.

The agency owner and the travel agent in question contacted the Orange County Sheriff’s Department with the intent to prosecute the actor, claiming they had video evidence of them groping the woman.

The agency owner claimed that Tigger had been “acting off” and that his “interactions were not what she was used to from a costumed character,” specifically stating that Tigger was being “overly silly and flirtatious.”

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The owner further claimed that she had video evidence of  him committing the crime, specifically saying that he was sliding “his hand down and touch the 40-year-old travel agent’s rear end and make a laughing gesture when the two posed for a picture together at a nearby table.”

These types of allegations are always serious and can do much more damage than ruining a Guest’s Disney World experience. However, after reviewing the footage and speaking with eyewitnesses, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has decided that the claims were unfounded and the charges against Tigger were dropped.

Tigger Cleared of All Charges

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After interviewing all parties involved and reviewing the footage, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department ruled that the allegations were unfounded.

There were a few things factoring into this decision. For one, the two character attendants who were monitoring the Crystal Palace didn’t see Tigger touch anyone inappropriately. In fact, the attendants stated the women in the room were very “energetic” and “very loud and crazy with Tigger, bouncing with him and taking group and individual photos.”

One attendant that Tigger wasn’t the one acting inappropriately. In fact, it was the other way around. “They kept touching his tail and making inappropriate comments. Upon getting to table 36 Tigger was bouncing and dancing and having fun with the Guests.” She further insinuated that it was the Guests who were “getting handsy.”

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While one attendant noted that she heard a Guest say, “I think Tigger grabbed my a**,” she wasn’t alarmed.

According to the report, “She did not think much of the comment as it was in passing and costumed characters sometimes make unintended contact with Guests due to their extremely limited field of vision.” The person playing Tigger confirmed this, explaining that in costume, they can’t see anything below the upper chest level or 30 degrees on either side of him.

Ultimately, law enforcement considered the allegations against Tigger as “unfounded at this time.”

Which side of this case do you land on? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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