Adults Need Disney More Than Kids

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A group of adults visit Walt Disney World

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Disney Adults seem to be the easiest social group to absolutely tear to shreds. There’s nothing inherently wrong with an adult audience enjoying the Disney Parks, movies, shows, and so on, but some can push the idea over into some cringeworthy territory. That said, Disney’s grownup audience definitely has more than a few good reasons to be obsessed.

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at Disneyland
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Walt Disney designed his empire to be directed not just at one audience but at a grand and glorious multitude. As a result, the Disney name is a brand we’re conditioned to recognize literally from infancy. Disney has only grown with their fanbase in more ways than one.

Why So Many Disney Adults?

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In retrospect, kids that grew up immersed in Disney are likely going to evolve into Disney adults. Much like those finding themselves nostalgic for a particular era of music, film, or baseball team, adults who grew up alongside characters like Mickey, Simba, Hercules, Belle, and many others are going to have a particular fondness for the brand, Disneyland, and Walt Disney World.

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Disney itself has become so ingrained on our collective consciousness that it’s practically impossible to escape the magic. Still, the question remains: Why does there seem to be an influx of adults loving Disney more than the studio’s intended audience?

Prince Charming's Regal Carrousel lit up at dusk by Cinderella Castle
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The logical answer is that since Disney has existed for the past century it’s obviously going to have a large audience consisting of older members. However, in spite of the plethora of children that find comfort in their animated friends as their parents did before them, our social climate might be a key factor in the creation of the controversial Disney adult.

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To put it bluntly, look at the world we live in. Countless people would agree that we have never lived in a more socially, economically, politically, or culturally divided time. That’s going to put a lot of stress on anybody, regardless of age.

Magic Kingdom Station
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Every day, news feeds are flooded with more and more trials and tribulations of an ever-spinning and ever-changing world. Disney provides a constant in a world of variables that we can all return to when we want to escape to a realm of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

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Walt Disney’s original intent for his company and his theme parks was to give the people, adults and children, something they could all enjoy together. Since then, Disney has been a beacon of positive energy and hope for generations of fans. While children are certainly one of the company’s largest demographic, the parents arguably benefit the most.

Adults Simply Need It More

Three adult women in front of Epcot.
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Walt himself once said that growing old was inevitable, growing up was optional. Becoming an adult is hard, that’s a lesson we’ve been taught since the days of Peter Pan. However, that doesn’t mean we have to let go of the childlike sense of wonder and hope.

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Although some members of the fandom have made news headlines, a general consensus of Disney Adults cling to creature comforts to take the edge off of the world they live in. While everything else might be in a constant season of change, the Disney fanbase can always count on a touch of much-needed magic to get them through the day.

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