Is Disney Reaching Out To Disney Adults?

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The term “Disney Adults” is something of a derogatory statement for some. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with adult fans enjoying the works of the Walt Disney Company, social media has dragged this collective group through the muck and mire on multiple occasions. However, they are perhaps Disney’s biggest and highest-paying audience, and the company might be slowly trying to reach out.

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A recent Reddit post was asking about the adult-sized Tiana crowns available for purchase at the Parks. In their question titled “Bro, who buys those adult Tiara crowns in the Magic Kingdom?,” u/LadyLaLas says,

“I forget which store sells them. I’ve seen them at the Magic Kingdom and I wouldn’t be surprise if they sell them in different spots throughout the parks. But who buys those? Don’t get me wrong. They are gorgeous! I can see someone buying them for a wedding. But what else? I have thought of buying one. They would be a cool souvenir. But where would I use it? I’m a librarian. So I guess I could wear it at the library instead of a name tag. But I’m a minimalist and tend to avoid things that have no use…

“But no really, bedside’s a wedding/quinceanera/prom does anyone buy these and wear them? Do they have another purpose?…”

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While it’s unknown precisely which version of the crown this visitor is referring to, it might be part of Disney’s partnership with Arribas, whose crowns can be bought through Disney starting at $85.00. That’s a pretty hefty price tag on something that might only be worn once or twice, but there might be a method to the magic here. What if this is just the first step in something directed primarily at Disney’s adult fanbase?

A 24 year old Guest purchases and wears a Belle dress at Disneyland Paris.

Adults have always had something offered to them at the Disney Parks. Jessica’s of Hollywood, a former store inspired by the voluptuous Jessica Rabbit, even sold lingerie. It’s not the first souvenir of its kind, as Guests have previously been able to purchase things like full-on outfits, but why does a Tiana tiara stand out? Because Disney could be slowly realizing that they’ve been sitting on an under-tapped market. While they’ve always been able to purchase things like coffee mugs, tee shirts, home decor, and other such practical things, their “fun” options have been somewhat limited.

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The idea that Disney could be preparing to offer up some less-practical souvenir options strictly to adults isn’t that much of a stretch. While there are sure to be some consumers out there that call such pieces of merch a waste of money, childish, or cringe-worthy, keep in mind that collectors, cosplayers, and garden-variety super fans exist, and many of them make up some of Disney’s most vocal fanbase. It might be one souvenir aimed at adults who can afford the entire Walt Disney World Resort package, but it could also be one of many magical things.

Do you think Disney will do more “Disney Adult” things? Tell us in the comments below.


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