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When most people hear the words “Disney vacation,” their minds immediately think about families with kids running wild through the Magic Kingdom. While that’s not an untrue or incorrect description of most ventures to the happiest places on earth, that’s only one part in the grand scheme of things. Casual fans who think a trip to Disney is only about theme park rides, Dole Whips, and selfies with Mickey Mouse are what we in the business like to call “wrong.”

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The term “Disney Adult” might be somewhat of a toxic phrase nowadays, but this portion of the Disney fandom truly knows how to have the best time at the Parks. Although the Disney brand has been geared towards family and children since it’s inception almost a century ago, Disney has more than enough for grown-ups to enjoy, especially at Walt Disney World. Speaking as a “Disney Adult” himself, this writer found several haunts and hangouts geared directly towards an adult audience, and several added quite an unexpected flavor to the place where dreams come true.

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Inside the Magic has covered some Walt Disney World hidden gems before, but many of the resort’s adult-oriented fun can fly right under most Guests radar and some are even hidden in plain sight. Case in point, the Tambu Lounge. While most guests were booking a spot in line for the iconic Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, we had a chance to stumble upon an overlooked gem that offers Hawaiian flair as the famous watering hole. Hidden just inside Ohana, this little tropical hideaway has a great menu and selection of drinks that can’t be ignored. If Guests are looking to enjoy some island flavors in their food and drink and can’t get a reservation, all they really have to do is go upstairs.

Showgirls at The Edison
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When it comes to purely adult-oriented experiences, the place to go is Disney Springs. The location has almost always been known for its more grown-up offerings, including dining, bars, and nightlife. However, there’s one spot that many people might walk on by due to its unassuming exterior. The Edison is a steampunk-themed bar with live entertainment on a nightly basis, strictly labeled by Disney for an adult audience. While their nightly floor shows are subject to change, our last trip to the Springs came with the opportunity to be on a live radio show with The Sound Society, a ’20s inspired musical group similar to Post Modern Jukebox, but with much more humor and interaction. Come for the retro-inspired aesthetic and cocktails, stay for the late-night swing music.

La Hacienda de San Angel
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An honorable mention has to go to a special spot in EPCOT. Although there are plenty of places to sit down and grab a good bite to eat, not all of them get as much marketing or attention. While the pyramid-shaped Mexico pavilion hosts the San Angel Inn, often seen in ads for the Park like this one, La Hacienda de San Angel is the restaurant located just across the path leading through the world showcase. While not strictly an adult experience, this writer’s previous visit did find a larger portion of older visitors as the night wound down to a close. While the gorgeously-designed San Angel Inn might sport a view of the boats of La Gran Fiesta, La Hacienda had a perfect view of the Park’s Nighttime Spectacular.

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Disney might be marketed primarily to kids and families, but that doesn’t mean it has strict age limits. Disney Adults are definitely more than the social media fixture they appear to be, and there are definitely some advantages to visiting the Parks with an adult set of eyes.

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