“Suspicious Person” Invades Disney Parade, Performers Run as Guest Is Tackled

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Cast Members tackling a Guest in Tokyo Disneyland

Credit: @shun24653265 via Twitter (Screenshot ITM)

Disney Parks are meant for moments of happiness, joy, and that unique Disney magic you can’t find anywhere else. And yet, some people ruin the fun for everyone.

Mickey with a lucky guest in Tokyo Disneyland
Credit: Disney

Across the world, The Walt Disney Company entertain millions of Guests each year at their theme park Resorts. From Walt Disney World’s sprawling Florida empire to the nostalgia of Walt’s original playground, Disneyland Resort; Disneyland Paris to Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney Parks span three continents and will soon join together in the forthcoming Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebrations.

One unique part of the House of Mouse’s theme park portfolio is Tokyo Disney Resort. Made up of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, the Resort is wholly owned by The Oriental Land Company. But, Tokyo Disneyland is in many ways another variant of the Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom destinations. It is Tokyo DisneySea where things get rather more alternative, and the upcoming Fantasy Springs land — which includes areas themed to classic Disney movies like Peter Pan (1953), Tangled (2010), and Frozen (2013) — may be one of Disney Parks’ most ambitious projects yet.

Rapunzel's Forest at night at Tokyo Disney Resort's Fantasy Springs
Credit: Disney

As well as attractions like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Tower of Terror across lands like Port Discovery, Mediterannean Harbor, American Waterfront, Critter Country, and the World Bazaar, Tokyo Disney Resort also puts on spectacles like the new Fantasmic! replacement, Believe! Sea of Dreams at Tokyo DisneySea, and the seasonal special, Disney Christmas Stories parade around Disneyland.

Unfortunately for Guests watching the Disney Christmas Stories parade around Tokyo Disneyland recently, their experience would be brought to a halt after one individual decided to storm the parade route, bringing a chaotic atmosphere to the theme park.

A tweet from @momoyaaa showed the video from one angle:

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It can be seen in the above footage that during the Disney Christmas Stories parade, and right before the arrival of Donald Duck and Daisy Duck’s parade float, a Guest runs onto the float tracks, surprising a Cast Member in an elf costume, who abruptly runs away from the individual. A Cast Member can be seen charging after the Guest before being taken down to the ground as more Cast Members and security gather around the scene. Another tweet from @OUTofDEEP shares another angle:

And then this close-up shows just how erratic the Guest was, needing two Cast Members to hold them down. @shun24653265 shared:

Another angle please

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The Guest can then be seen being dragged out of the Park by a convoy of people. @OUTofDEEP shared the video of the parade invader being escorted out:

It’s too bad that a suspicious person who broke into the Disney Parade was subdued and taken away.

A Guest disruption at a Disney theme park is not uncommon, unfortunately. There have been a number of times Guests at Parks like Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have caused a scene. Similarly, a Guest once got removed from Shanghai Disneyland for slapping a fur character around the head as they walked past. The repercussions for activities like this, as well as entering prohibited areas such as the time an illegal Cinderella Castle photo opportunity ended in a six-month ban, can be severe, leading to theme park-wide bans, or even police involvement.

Mickey & Minnie in Disney Christmas Stories parade
Credit: Disney

The new festive parade at Tokyo Disney Resort began on November 8 and runs through December 25. Tokyo Disney Resort describes the 35-minute-long Disney Christmas Stories as:

Dressed in festive costumes, the Disney friends share their Christmas stories with the guests. Enjoy seven stories, starting with Donald Duck and Daisy Duck spending a fun and special time together, followed by Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse celebrating Christmas with their friends, and more.

Have you ever witnessed a scary altercation with Guests and/or Cast Members at a Disney Park? Let us know in the comments down below!

The Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel will be the sixth hotel in Tokyo Disney Resort’s portfolio. The range includes the Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel, and the brand-new Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel. Neighbor hotels include Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel, Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort, and Hilton Tokyo Bay.

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