Guest Kicked Out of SeaWorld After Polemic Prank

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SeaWorld Orlando Dolphin Encounter

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When visiting a theme Park, Guests are expected to comply with a set of rules and regulations, which may be slightly different for every theme Park, but often mention prohibited items, forbidden activities, and the general behavior expected from Guests visiting the Parks.

SeaWorld Orcha Encounter
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Recently, one Guest created an uncomfortable situation for several Team Members at SeaWorld Orlando after going through a lot of trouble to record a polemic prank.

The video was shared by Seaworld Orlando History (@SeaworldH) on Twitter, and in it, we can see a Guest with a fishing rod over one of the animal pools at the Park, claiming that he got a bite before being approached by a Team Member trying to stop him. The Guest claims that he was “sent by God” before a second Team Member approaches him and the video ends.

You can see the video below or click here to watch it.

Who thinks this is okay? Who thinks this is funny??

Viewers quickly reacted, calling out this Guest and considering this alleged “prank” to be disgusting behavior on his part. User @ShamuFlyer pointed out that these actions violated safety protocols and that Team Members are serious when it comes to the safety of Guests, Team Members, and of course, the resident animals at the Park.

I don’t think I would consider it funny because it violates safety protocols. The educators aren’t messing around even if its a prank, its a serious thing when it comes to safety.

However, the original TikTok video received a much different response, as many commented that the situation was ironic since SeaWorld doesn’t care about its animals and this Guest was not putting any animals in danger. In the full YouTube video, the creator shows the whole process he went through to prepare this prank, from buying the fishing rod to hiding it under his pants to sneak it into the Park, injuring himself in the process.

By the end of the video, the creator comments that he was kicked out of the Park after the incident.

SeaWorld Orlando
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While the creator comments that this prank was made purely for entertainment purposes and explains that there was no line or hook attached to the fishing rod, he violated SeaWorld’s rules and regulations by sneaking a dangerous item into the Park and engaging in such behavior. The official SeaWorld Orlando website states the following regarding security measures when visiting the Park:

What kind of security should I expect when I come to visit SeaWorld Orlando?

SeaWorld Orlando security procedures are designed to keep our guests, Ambassadors, and animals safe. Please note the following tips and reminders from our security team:

  • All bags, backpacks, and packages are subject to inspection prior to entering the park.
  • The following items are not permitted to be brought into SeaWorld: weapons, glass bottles, cans, any other type of sharp object, straws, large hard or soft coolers, and any hazardous items or materials.
  • Please leave any unnecessary articles locked in your vehicle to expedite your entry into the park.
  • SeaWorld Orlando is not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss of vehicle including articles left within.

As always, we urge our readers to be aware of the rules and regulations set out by the different theme parks before arriving, as breaking them could result in being kicked off property, banned for life, or in some instances, being arrested.

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SeaWorld Orlando Mako Roller Coaster
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SeaWorld turtle release
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SeaWorld Sea lion release
Credit: SeaWorld

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