Long-Rumored Disney+ ‘Star Wars’ Series Is Really Happening

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(l to r) jon favreau, dave filoni, and george lucas

Credit: Disney+ (Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian)

Ever since Lucasfilm’s employee Christmas gift packaging was leaked online [below], Star Wars fans have been chomping at the bit for details regarding the studio’s rumored “Tales of the Jedi” series, based on the popular comic book run of the same name.

Christmas 2021 Lucas Employee Gift

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The original “Tales of the Jedi #1” issue has even skyrocketed in price recently due to the leaked packaging, which featured a “Tales of the Jedi” logo among the names of several other upcoming Lucasfilm projects, including Indiana Jones 5Willow, and Mandalorian spinoff series, The Book of Boba Fett.

star wars tales of the jedi golden age of the sith cover
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Now, there is seemingly confirmation that a “Tales of the Jedi” series will be joining the Star Wars lineup on Disney+. Star Wars Celebration recently released its full list of panels, including one that is described as “Tales of the Jedi animated anthology shorts. Hosted by Amy Ratcliffe with special guest Dave Filoni.”

pedro pascal and dave filoni on mandalorian set
Credit: Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian

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Filoni, of course, has been hailed by fans as a “literal Star Wars god” and is considered by many to be the savior of the Star Wars universe. Alongside series creator Jon Favreau, Filoni brought The Mandalorian to life, introducing Grogu and Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) into a galaxy far, far away.

He is also the mastermind behind numerous animated series, such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

star wars the bad batch clone force 99 meeting omega
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Although Lucasfilm has not confirmed Filoni’s involvement in the “Tales of the Jedi” series, it seems likely that he is playing a role since he is appearing at the panel about the show.

For those who may be unfamiliar with eight-story-arc Dark Horse Comics’ “Tales of the Jedi” series, it is described as:

…six of the eight Tales of the Jedi story arcs take place during the time surrounding the events known collectively as the Great Sith War, a conflict instigated by Sith forces aimed at galactic domination. These six story arcs nominally focus on the Jedi Knight-turned-Sith Lord Ulic Qel-Droma; his love interest, Nomi Sunrider; and a cast of supporting characters, including Ulic’s own brother, Cay Qel-Droma. Likewise, first appearing in Dark Lords of the Sith, the fallen Jedi Exar Kun went on to become a Dark Lord of the Sith and wage war against the Republic and Jedi. The remaining two story arcs, The Golden Age of the Sith and The Fall of the Sith Empire, occur in the year 5000 BBY and revolve around Sith Lord Naga Sadow and his schemes to invade Republic space through his manipulation of the Daragon siblings, Gav and Jori.

star wars tales of the jedi panels
Credit: Dark Horse Comcis

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Are you looking forward to learning more details about “Tales of the Jedi”?

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