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Mirabel in 'Encanto'

Credit: Disney


  1. J

    Do we really need to make everything sexual?!? If we’re going to throw out everything to kids, how about a song on doing your taxes. Does that seem relevant? No? Exactly!!!

    1. Norma

      High five for this comment! Where is the innocence of a kid movie without the “damage” of adult input. Leave kids be, let movies be good (or bad movies) without all the Input from every side. Just enjoy!

      1. A Thiel

        Well said! What happened to pure, fun loving cartoons without a message, especially a sexual one. They are children!

        1. What happened to having a movie that the kids love . I love the fact that the people are all sizes and shades and are accepted. My grand children ages2 and 4 love the movie and watch it once a day. My granddaughter loves the strength of a sister .she does not read anything into her being strong. I also have watched the movie many times . And just enjoyed it and the music.

        2. Kindness

          This is ridiculous honestly! Why are people trying so hard to push sexuality on these kids nowadays. Let them ne kids! They do t know anything about that stuff or what they even are or want until they hit a certain age and then half of the time they still aren’t sure of what they want. We need God back in out country so bad. This is why America is crumbling because we don’t have Him in it like we should. Don’t come at me either This is MY opinion!

    2. Steve Gross

      Exactly – let kids just be kids

      1. Beth

        Lol, not many connects here but so far I agree 100%. Kids have only so long to be children and precious less to be innocent. Can we please stop chucking sexual references at them? They don’t want to see that and neither do I. Just make a good story and tell it well.

      2. Alex

        Mirabel is a kid! The movie is not (and shouldn’t be) about her sexuality!

        The movie doesn’t hint on any sexual preferences and focuses instead on what is important for a child: family!

    3. DD


    4. Suzy

      Exactly! Who the heck brings sex into a child’s movie? Unbelievable. It’s a magical movie. Stop putting sex into everything!

      1. Miranda

        The LGBTQ community is demanding it be in everything related to kids. The bill they are whining about and misrepresenting by calling it ‘Don’t Say Gay’ is simply a bill saying teachers and others in school can’t teach sexual orientation and gender ‘identities’ to kids pre-k through 3rd grade! They don’t want them innocent. They want to groom them into accepting their lifestyle.

        1. ElEelel

          Leave sexuality out of the movie. Not part of the story. Maybe she just likes purple, pink, and blue. That is a vry feminine color combo. My daughter likes those colors, and this year was asked if she was bisexual, snd she is only in elementary school. Now she says she can just wear autumn colors; the “happy” colors will be that the lgbtq students call you out. Sad.

      2. Kedari

        As a pansexual, polyamorous man, I think that sexuality needs to be kept out of children’s movies. Let kids discover those things on their own and in their own way, so they don’t identify incorrectly and suffer mental anguish just because their favorite movie character is queer.

    5. Ladyblueyes22

      Amen! It’s just people with their perspectives that want to normalize their sex. Kids don’t need to be exposed to stuff like this. If you have a good relationship with your children, when they are interested or confused, they will talk to you. Leave sex out of family friendly movies, no one cares. We care whether we are human beings.

    6. Chuck

      I totally agree with your statement. I’m so tired of questions like this being brought up. Just enjoy what is a great movie!

    7. Sandra J Swanson

      Right on the mark!
      I wish people would give the sexual orientation a rest. Quit looking for innuendo in everything, just enjoy the show

    8. TB

      At the end of the day, who really cares!
      Let’s just enjoy the movie. I’m old enough to remember 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Oh my gosh….was Capt. Nemo Bi? LOL

    9. Octavious

      Yall are so wrong just bc we hc characters with lgbtq+ identities doesnt mean we are pushing sex in kids movies. You’re straight up making things up.

      1. Marie

        Exactly! Thank you, someone with working brain!

    10. Marie

      It’s not sexual!

    11. AwakenotWoke

      Leave are kids alone!

    12. AwakenotWoke


    13. Patricia

      THANK YOU!!!! I agree. This is why children are confused. Let a child be a child without worrying if their favorite characters are gay or straight. It is a animated movie for goodness sake. Leave it alone.

    14. Matthew Hunt

      Tell it!

    15. Rod Cole

      OMG my thoughts exactly! Mirabel is a child in a kids movie and her sexuality had NOTHING to do with her story. Why do we need sexuality in a movie made for children?

  2. Kate!

    As a bisexual person, I am not sure why sexuality is even being discussed with this movie…? Because it’s Disney, do we really have to explore the princess/prince charming tropes every time? The answer should be no.

    1. Norma

      High five for this comment! Where is the innocence of a kid movie without the “damage” of adult input. Leave kids be, let movies be good (or bad movies) without all the Input from every side. Just enjoy!

      1. Mac

        A lot of Kids who are gay or bisexual or trans know something is up with them, even if they can’t put it into words. But representation does matter, it does. With so many horrible anti LBGTQ bills coming out in certain states we need to let kids know that their feelings are valid and we should support them, not sweep the subject under the rug!

        1. Patty

          The LQBT community wants to be treated as equal. It’s nonsense like this that makes them stand out. This goes beyond representation. It’s a Disney movie. Politics has no place here as it has no place in our schools. School is for learning facts. Not pandering to peoples opinions.

        2. Matthew Hunt

          Just because we want to keep Disney innocent doesn’t mean anyone is sweeping anyone else’s feelings or beliefs under the rug. We just believe that this is not the place for this. I want to be able to take my daughter to see a Disney movie without worrying about homosexuality.

    2. Tom

      Forcing conversations about sexual preferences in kids cartoons… CREEPY

      1. Katharine

        This article shouldn’t even be a thing. Leave kids alone to be kids. Shame on you.

      2. MSL

        SO true!!! Let kids just be kids and enjoy the movie!!

    3. Stephanie

      Thank you. I’m bisexual as well, and I just want my animated Disney movies to be left alone. Stop trying to force LGBTQ+ labels on the characters!

  3. Amber

    This is not a “love story.” It’s a story about family.

  4. Jay

    Who tf cares, it’s a cartoon!

  5. Thomas

    Why does every time Disney or Pixar release an animated movie it get asked if the main character is Gay or Bisexual or whatever, even though the movie at NO POINT hinted towards any kind of sexual interest. I’ve not thought once that Mirabel could be anything other than a fun character. Same with Elsa, everyone thought the new female character was her girlfriend…nope it was her mother when she was younger. We don’t need it. I’m gay, but it really wouldn’t bother me if there is never a gay Prince or anything like that, I just want to see a fun story.

    1. joe

      Because that small population of people are always looking for attention and scream look at me look at me and that they want inclusion — well inclusion you can have but here is what it is — you dont get special days you get regular days, you walk your dog, go to work, eat some food and on and on but you dont get to scream look at me look at me you just live your life day to day. Its kinda of boring but thats what we do on that side you are wishing to become

  6. David McGill

    Who cares? I saw Mirabel as different for her lack of powers. But in the end I believe she was destined to take over for Abuela! Leave it at that!

  7. Chris

    Why is it that people have to sexualize kids. Damn pedos. Anyone doing so should be locked up with all the kiddy diddlers.

    1. Chris

      And to the question of the article.
      There is NO context in the movie to suggest anything of her sexuality. Let alone her membership to the alphabet people. She was focused on her family.

    2. James

      I agree at no point did her orientation enter into the story. But having a character have an orientation is not sexualizing and had nothing to do with sex. There have been countless Disney stories about a girl being in love with a boy. A same sex attraction is about live and feelings not sex. Your disgust at gay relationships is what makes you not want to see it depicted,, not that you are trying to protect kids innocence.

  8. Abuelo

    It seems there is actually a really small percent of people who want to know the sexual preference of Disney characters which is an indication of personal issues. When kids are ready to start thinking about how they would like to be sexually active then that will be the loss of innocence. In the meantime enough with these sick and inappropriate questions of how animated characters like to get off. LEAVE KIDS ALONE!

  9. Shannon

    Why is sexuality even considered in a childrens movie?? These kiddos question enough because the internet exposes them to more than we as parents know or allow. This article is ridiculous.

  10. Missy

    Sounds like some bs straight out of twitter, home of the mentally ill, home of “everything has to have a sexuality but pls dont let it be Heterosexual or cis” mindset. It’s a kids movie please shut up.

    1. James

      You do realize that you are the one screaming that they can havea sexuality as long as it IS heterosexual and cis. If all the homophobes weren’t trying to do things like create the don’t say gay bill they wouldn’t be struggling so hard to be seen as normal. Being gay and homosexua marriage l is completely legal. To say that you aren’t allowed to mention a completely legal thing is absurd.

      1. DooM

        Nope. A character does not need any sexuality if it’s not relevant to the plot or character development. Not once did I look at Maribel and think “Hmm, I wonder whom her ideal mate is?” Why? Because it’s not relevant to the plot in the slightest, and not relevant to her character development. If it was, it would have been included in the movie. The same goes for numerous other characters out there. Let’s use Star Wars as an example. Does Mace Windu’s sexual preference matter? No, because nothing in the story made that fact important. Does Anakin Skywalker’s sexual preference matter? Yes, because 1. his love for Padmé was one of the driving forces to turning to the Dark Side, and 2. Luke and Leia were his kids.

        There was nothing in the story that made Maribel’s sexual preference important, therefore, it was left out.

      2. Missy

        James wtf did that have do with anything I said? Anyways you can’t read I see.

  11. SB

    Why does everything have to be about sexuality these days? Why are people obsessed with kids and sex. Kind of concerning actually. Let kids be kids!

    1. James

      Orientation isn’t about sex. They call it sexuality, but it isn’t about sex. Two women or two men loving each other is no different than Ariel falling for Eric… But all the homophobes had no problem with that and didn’t claim that their kids were being sexualized by pedos. Just admit that you are disgusted by gay people and that you are a small minded bigot. Don’t try to justify your hypocrisy

      1. Stephanie

        That’s not what’s being said. What’s being said is that if the sexual identity isn’t given to the characters in the movie, then stop speculating and placing labels on the characters because you want to. I would have no problem with a character being gay, lesbian, or bisexual, if they were written that way. But so far, no character has.

        1. James

          I agree that if that isn’t part of the story don’t try to insert something that isn’t there. But most of the people who are saying they don’t care would be screaming if there was an openly gay romance. They screamed about the two mins in Toy Story and the gay side characters in Onward. If Isabel didn’t want to marry the town heartthrob because she was interested in a woman instead the people saying they don’t care about orientation would be screaming that they were indoctrinating kids. Praying something as normal and acceptable part of society is not indoctrinating.

  12. I don’t care what anyone’s or a Disney Character’s sexual orientation is…please stop making this a thing!!! Really nobody cares!

    1. James

      All you people who say you don’t care are the ones who scream when they portray a gay relationship. Even one as small as the one in Onward. No screaming about the princesses living the prince. I admit, Mirabel’s orientation has nothing to do with the film and does not need to be brought into this in any way. But all the people who are on hearsaying that they don’t care. What a character’s orientation is. Would be screaming if it was shown to be anything other than heterosexual.

      1. Patricia

        James, I truly do not care for the sexuality of a character (especially a Disney character) so you can take your BS somewhere else.

  13. Jess

    Why can’t she just be different without trying to put a label on it. I mean really, do you have to be gay to feel the need for acceptance from your family? The answer is no anyone for any particular reason can feel like the black sheep. I have nothing but love for the gay community and resprestantion is so important but when you’re looking so deeply for it, it becomes a little too much. Frozen, Luca, Encanto and about a million more movies. Even Pixars new movie Turning Red is getting backlash about puberty. Like why can’t a good movie just be that, a good movie.

  14. Deb

    I don’t think you have to insert sexuality into a character because they don’t fit a mold. If anyone identifies with a character for whatever reason that is enough. And if Maribel is destined to take over for Abuela, I’m thinking they might not want to push her as a queer old maid aunt.

  15. Bella mia

    I know kids have a lot more on their plates than we did as kids, an yes queer/gay/ bi kids now they are different even before they feel sexual urges, but can’t we just let Disney cartoons just be cartoons without putting gay/ lesbian things in it. Just like six year Olds weren’t going to go out an get married to total stranger after seeing snow white or sleeping beauty. Cartoons are just entertainment. Life is going to hit all of us in the face soon enough regardless of our preference of partner. Let it JUST be a cartoon an not put adult problems into it.

  16. AnonymousGuy14641

    Not in China she ain’t.

  17. Scottishlasswholikesdisney

    Who the hell cares?! It’s a kids movie about a family. Stop with the pseudo-psychological profiling of every damned character in Disney, Pixar or Marvel films. It’s bordering on unhealthy…

    1. Justin


    2. Angela

      Agree it’s a children’s movie about family, neighbors and love.

    3. Jeanne

      Bordering? Oh, the border has long since crossed.

  18. Justin

    Really sick and tired of people making ever kids movie about what sexual orientation they are, give it a rest already..its not about that, starting to seem like the LGBTQ what everyone to be them.

    1. James

      They are pushing it because until it is portrayed as normal they will continue to be ostracised. I’m the 70s an interracial couple on TV was basically unheard of and when it was it was always shocking… Like the couple on the Jeffersons. Because it was forced into things until it was normal it is now not batted an eye at to have mixed race relationships portrayed. When you have schools saying you can’t mention the existence of gays and have to out gay children to their parents you are treating a legal and normal person as a second class citizen What all the biggie are saying is that it doesn’t matter as long as they hide it. As if kids shouldn’t be exposed to it because it is something that is wrong. It will continue to be forced into things until the biggots stop trying to treat those they don’t like as second class citizens.

  19. Micah

    Coming from a closeted bisexual I rarely ever find LGBTQ+ representation in a lot of media. And as much as I love seeing characters just like me in media, can we not bring that into Encanto? Like I get a lot of people want to be seen in some characters but the movie isn’t about that. It’s about generational trauma! It’s a movie where everyone in the family who has a gift has some sort of problem! For example, Pepa’s weather causes her to push down he emotions. Her saying “Clear skies” is basically her version of Elsa’s ‘Conceal, Don’t feel’ thing! Another example is Bruno whose gift of seeing the future made him hated and outcasted to the point everyone made a DISS TRACK about him. You can imagine characters as Queer as much as you want, just take into note that the movie was never about it! It was about something else that could be just as much important as that!

  20. Jeanne

    The fact that people are sexualizing EVERYTHING, including a kid movie that has absolutely ZERO about romance, is not only a grooming behavior, but disgusting. Let kids movies be kids movies. Let kids be kids. There’s a time and a place for these discussions, but this is neither the time nor place. Absolutely horrible.

  21. Jodie

    The message of this movie is about family love, not about romantic love. It’s about loving the people around you that may be hard to love & embracing one another’s differences. This is an innocent message with fun songs. There’s no emphasis needed on sexual preferences. Can’t we just let our children stay innocent?! If it were up to me I wouldn’t put any romance in the movies, but just keep the cartoons about family & friendship & how to be a good Person.

    1. raven

      No romance? No young Alma falling in love with Pedro, marrying him and having babies? No Augustín and Félix falling in love with the family Madrigal? No “that’s how she became abuela Madrigal” (a reference to sex!! In my children’s movie!!)? No wedding day for Pepa? No Dolores pining for Mariano? Or do you just mean no LGBTQ+ representation?

  22. Matt

    Strange how so many people are screaming about how LGBT people are “sexualizing media for kids” by even suggesting a girl kiss another girl, but there’s heterosexual romance in the movie and I don’t see you people screaming about how it’s sexual.

    Maybe admit that you’re just homophobic?

    1. ES

      Exactly, in The Little Mermaid a guy literally sees a girl naked on a beach.

  23. Ken Brenner

    This topic and it even being discussed shows how low and decrepit our society has become.
    How sad…

  24. ES

    All of you guys are saying “leave sexuality out of a kids’ movie” yet have no problem when a guy kisses a dead girl in a coffin, another guy makes out with someone who is sleeping, an elephant gets drunk, a guy sees a mute girl naked on a beach, or when a guy and girl get married. Hmm….

  25. Vic

    I’m so tired of this sexual stupidity why even bring it up that’s the problem with the world today anybody wants to bring up sexuality who gives a s***

  26. Mr White

    So the answer is we don’t know, because we don’t have to explore every characters sexuality especially if a love interest didn’t come up. Even the actually bi-sexual actresss is fed up with answering these stupid questions

    Just like those weirdo Elsa fans who kept insisting she’s Lesbian for some reason.

  27. N. P.

    Bruno is gay too. That’s why he hid. Should each character come with a sexual preference bio and their selected pronouns too? It’s a cartoon… For children…

  28. Marie

    A lot of yall hate that there is LGBTQ+ stuff in these kids shows I see. Ok, no gay characters because its “sexualizing” kids (no its not) but you wouldn’t mind letting your 6 yr old watch two adults kiss. Or a grown man kiss a 13 yr old girl. Ir anything between a man and a woman. Why? Because they’re both hets. Just say you’re a homophobe and go!🤗

  29. Cheryl Machado

    Really. This wasn’t a movie about sexuality. We are more than our sexuality.The move is about not be judged by one part of who we are. It was about being more than a label. If she is or isn’t it’s perfectly fine, but it isn’t relevant.

  30. Susan

    No! I do not. It’s a fun and beautifully animated film I love as well as my grandkids. Don’t try to bring anything into it . These days there’s not a thing on TV or commercials that don’t push all this stuff down everybody’s throats and I’m sick of it! We have been to Disney many times and think of it as a place where you can just go have fun with your families without having to think about whether cartoon characters and movie characters are gay, bisexual, or what’s next? Mass murderers? For heaven’s sakes, let children be children and not try to push things on them that are morally wrong to the majority in our Country!

  31. Why does everything have to be sexual please separate the idea from children…like it’s border line creepy! MIRABEL like Bruno was the black sheep that wanted to feel included in her family. She had value…that’s all! We don’t need a love interest in everything- SHEESH!!!

  32. Jeremy

    Stop with this crap making it about this! Geez!

  33. MEG

    What is this a relevant topic? Who cares what gender she prefers to be with that has nothing to do with the story line at all.

  34. Phil Wilson

    Quit sexualizing children….
    Not a great look especially when Disney World employees are constantly busted in sex work stings….

    1. Cg

      You do understand that sexuality and sucualizing are 2 different things, right?

      1. Cg


  35. Stacy

    This should not be about sexuality. Children have all kinds of reasons for feeling like outsiders. Not everything is about sexuality. Leave something’s to the imagination and let kids be kids without pushing adult ideas down their throats!

  36. Ellie

    Leave sexuality out of the movie. Not part of the story. Maybe she just likes purple, pink, and blue. That is a very feminine color combo. My daughter likes those colors, and this year was asked if she was bisexual, and she is only in elementary school. Now she says she can just wear autumn colors; wearing the “happy” colors will mean that the lgbtq students call you out. Sad.

  37. Rayway

    Of all the characters in the movie, I would not write Mirabel as being gay, bi, or anything else. She is already depicted as being different from her family due to “no gift”. Some would draw context to her orientation and lack of powers and no one wants that. It would be much better to establish this in one of the characters with a gift if any. It is unfortunate that we have to be so careful with this, but there’s too many right now who will draw these parallels and it could cause additional negativity. I look forward to the point where characters could just be without having this scrutiny. While it didn’t fit into the context of the movie there’s plenty of room for exploration now that a bew level of freedom is given to the family. Now that Isabela doesn’t feel the constraints of having to be picture perfect, maybe she discovers there’s other parts of her life/feelings that are more gray than her old rigid views. Luisa, Bruno, Camilo, Antonio all have opportunities to define what they want in a relationship. The only one among the cousins that has had any defined direction is Delores and Mariano, everyone else can be anything and everything and that’s OK. Stop trying to label everyone and let them just be people that exist in all their shades.

  38. Meh

    Mirabel doesn’t show any romantic interest in anybody during the movie. People need to stop trying to force every random character in everything ever to be LGBT.

  39. Jeanine

    Love this movie! Hopefully we learn more in the next movie.
    It’s weird so many people are complaining about the idea of bringing orientation into a kids movie, apparently forgetting that princess stories have all been about finding their prince for many generations.

  40. J Wright

    This is disgusting, stop trying to sexualize children. These are children’s movies, they dont need to be forced with hearing adults sexual preferences.

  41. Sasha

    We don’t talk about Mirabel, no, no, no.

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