We FINALLY Know What Demolished Primeval Whirl Is Being Turned Into

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Primeval Whirl at night

Credit: Disney

When a ride becomes extinct at a Disney theme park, it’s always a sad day for Guests who still hold fond memories of that attraction.

From Stitch’s Great Escape! to Walt Disney World’s famous Backlot Tour, there have been multiple losses and changes to Disney attractions over the years at Disneyland Resort, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

And over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we now know what demolished Primeval Whirl in DinoLand U.S.A. is becoming now it is extinct.

Primeval Whirl construction walls
Credit: ITM Rebekah B.

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DinoLand U.S.A. is home to the thrilling dark-ride attraction, DINOSAUR, as well as TriceraTop Spin, and the carnival-style area, Fossil Fun Games. In June 2020, the DinoLand U.S.A. coaster, Primeval Whirl permanently closed at the Orlando Disney theme park and since then demolition has moved slowly at the Disney Resort.

The news came after months of Primeval Whirl, the popular spinning dinosaur-themed coaster ride in DinoLand, U.S.A., remaining closed throughout the summer of 2019 for unknown reasons.

This week, Primeval Whirl was removed from the digital map of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, signaling the final hurdle is complete for the spinning coaster’s removal.

Animal Kingdom map
Credit: Disney

The area on the map where the attraction once was is filled with benches, and today at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Inside the Magic noticed the area has been transformed into a rest area.

The demolition has been totally removed and blue fencing has been put up in the ride’s place. You can also see in the photo below taken today at Dinoland U.S.A. that orange fans and blue posts have been installed, highlighting the future use of this rest area.

Primeval Whirl demolition bench area
Credit: ITM Jamie S.
Currently, a green barricade sits in front of the new seating area at Dinoland U.S.A., but with the installation of fans and fencing, it seems we’ll be seeing benches in the space soon to match the digital map.
Of course, in time we are hoping for a facelift and added attractions to Dinoland U.S.A., with the new seating seeming somewhat unnecessary in the area on top of other bench areas and the quick service dining area of Restaurantosaurus nearby.
Prehistoric fans can still experience the fan-favorite ride, DINOSAUR, or TriceraTop Spin. Guests can also put their skills to the test by playing iconic boardwalk-style games to win a prize.
Dinoland seating
Credit: ITM Jamie S.

More on Primeval Whirl

Primeval whirl
Credit: Disney

Prior to its extinction, the official Disney Parks description of the attraction read:

Sweep through a series of sudden dips and turns as your time machine spins on its own path. Whiz by cartoon dinosaurs hastily preparing for their impending extinction and glimpse a shower of kooky meteors.

Glide through a fossilized jigsaw puzzle of dinosaur bones, before leaving the past behind—just in time!

Are you sad to see Primeval Whirl disappear? What do you think about the new use of the space?

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