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Primeval Whirl at night

Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    Now, with the placeholder, we just have to wait and see what Dinoland USA will be turned into.

    1. davidb

      I was wondering what the heck happened. 😀

  2. I’m sorry, did I miss understand the heading on this article?? What is it being turned into?

    1. A seating area with no seats. Cuts down on the loitering.

  3. Tamara Dowd

    So what is going in there?? The Whirl was great fun always full lines, so why did they get rid of it ?? That area is not even worth going into anymore.

  4. Nicole

    Um…. What the heck is it getting turned into?? The title doesn’t quite match the information in the article, unless you’re saying the stroller parking is what it has been commuted to. If that is the case, then shame on you for getting our hopes up!

  5. Randy W

    So we don’t know what it’s turning into then? Because an open space can change in the matter of hours in Disney. I think they’ll revisit this entire section of the park after Tron and the remaining Epcot projects are done. I think the entire area is going to be in for an overhaul by 2024. Disney SEA (Japan) expansion will also be done by then and will just be sitting on cash to invest in the park.

  6. Cj Brown

    I thought Primeval Whirl was a fun steel Wild Mouse Spinning Coaster ….. it’s main problem was a cheap theme (there are no audio animatronics) and the fact 2 Disney Cast Members have died working in it (2007, 2011) …. I wouldn’t be surprised if that whole DinoLand U.S.A. in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is replaced (it’s cheap like the o.g. DCA in Anaheim, except for the Dino Institute Dark Ride!) …. even McDonald’s quit sponsoring that Section back in 2009!

  7. Brandon

    Nowhere in this article does it answer “We FINALLY Know What Demolished Primeval Whirl Is Being Turned Into”
    It just explains what everyone already knew about the (hopefully) temporary area is. Stroller parking. That’s been known for at least a week.
    So what will replace the ride?

  8. Angel

    Well thanks for getting my hopes up for an answer. Then you wonder why people don’t even want to click on the link. No new info here whatsoever.

  9. Jameson

    Glad I wasn’t the only one confused. LOL

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