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With as many restaurants on property as Walt Disney World has to offer, there are bound to be a few mishaps.

When traveling and visiting the Parks at Walt Disney World, a big aspect of your vacation is choosing where to eat. Disney World offers so many delicious and authentic cuisine across its four Parks that it can be incredibly overwhelming to decide where to spend your limited amount of time (and money). Although the majority of Disney restaurants get rave reviews, one restaurant, in particular, has seemed to develop quite a negative reception among some Guests.

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When visiting Disney’s Animal, many Guests may notice a restaurant that lies just off the beaten path, almost seeming to hide from Guests who are rushing right past it to get in line for Flight of Passage or Expedition Everest. Right at the entrance to the Park lies a Rainforest Café, the famous eatery with nature-filled scenery. Of course, this makes perfect sense to be located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but recently, many Guests seem to highly disapprove of the food and overall experience of this restaurant.

Rainforest Cafe
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A thread on Reddit highlights the issues Guests are having with this restaurant. User u/cpc98 posted their disappointing experience while visiting:

Rainforest Cafe at AK, and were looking forward to it – it was great last time we visited. Unfortunately, this time was a total mess… from a disaster of a check-in, to being seated for 20 whole minutes without even cups of water or a drink order – not good. We walked out after 25 minutes of no drinks. Restaurantosaurus ended up being fantastic quick service and a great backup option. I get that places are generally understaffed right now, but Rainforest was the only bad experience on the trip, and clearly an outlier. Won’t be back.

User u/davidlex00 shared their concise review:

Rainforest Cave at AK is in the running for the worst restaurant experience in America.

User u/WeToLo42 gave a slightly more positive outlook:

The one at Disney springs is better but if you’ve been one rainforest Cafe you’ve been in them all.

Tree of Life Animal Kingdom
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As stated above, Walt Disney World actually offers two Rainforest Cafés with one in Animal Kingdom and one located in at Disney Springs, neither of which are actually owned or operated by Disney itself. All restaurants have “off nights,” and Disney restaurants are always worth a revisit after a not-so-great experience. But this growing negativity toward Rainforest Café is interesting, and it is definitely something to keep in mind when visiting Animal Kingdom.

Have you been to Animal Kingdom’s Rainforest Café? Do you agree with all of these bad reviews?

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