Guests Growing Tired of Universal’s Screen-Based Rides

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Is it time to limit our screen time?

Over the years, technology has progressed and advanced in amazing and unexpected ways. A big way we can see this is by looking at the Universal and Disney Parks across the world. Amazing advancements in ride and attraction technology seem to never end, resulting in jaw-dropping experiences for Guests.

One of the biggest developments in the theme park world has been the implementation of screens within attractions. This type of attraction can really immerse Guests into the ride and make it come alive. However, many are starting to wonder if Universal Studios is relying too heavily on these types of attractions.

Skull Island: Reign of Kong
Credit: Universal

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Universal Studios has a wide variety of rides and attractions ranging from thrilling experiences like Revenge of The Mummy – The Ride and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey as well as rides more suited for kids like the ones found in Seuss Landing. But as time goes on, many Guests are starting to notice a trend within the Universal Parks, that being screen-based rides getting priority over other types of attractions. Universal features many screen-based rides like The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Transformers: The Ride 3D and Skull Island: Reign of Kong to name a few.

Fast and The Furious
Credit: Universal

One of the most popular examples of a poor screen-based ride experience would be the Fast and Furious – Supercharged ride at Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood. This ride has quite a reputation amongst Guests and theme park enthusiasts with some calling it Universal’s worst ride. The ride is, in a nutshell, a slow-moving tram ride surrounded by screens. The majority of the “thrills” and “action” come from these screens, leaving many Guests disappointed with the overall experience. A recent thread highlighted how Guests are starting to feel.

Who else thinks there’s too many “screen” rides? from UniversalOrlando

spider man
Credit: Universal Orlando

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Many Guests explain how they feel towards these “screen” rides in the comments, with one Guest sharing a concise answer. User u/GladiatorDragon commented:

I don’t think screens and/or projections in rides are bad. They can be pretty dang good.

The problem is when the ride is the screen/projection.

Forbidden Journey uses projections quite well. They’re utilized as scene transitions, getting you from one sequence to the next, but the physical sets between the transitions hold impressive props, effects, and animatronics.

Spider Man reverses this, using screens as the primary, but having adequate physical elements for the transitions. Additionally, the obvious cgi isn’t too bad, really, since it works with the ride’s comic book style.

However, F&F, Kong, Simpsons, Minions, Shrek, Fallon, even Gringotts and Transformers to a certain extent fall into this “too much screen” category

User u/JackDonaghy make s statement, bringing up a point about Universal Orlando’s upcoming addition:

F&F might be the worst ride in any park ever. I think Kong is about as good as you can do with that style of ride, F&F is about as bad as you can do.

I think it comes down to a lack of space within the parks though. Epic Universe should have the room to fix this problem.

Epic Universe Rumor Map
Credit: Alicia Stella (@AliciaStella) Orlando Park Stop

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Universal’s Epic Universe is an upcoming addition to Universal Studios Orlando and will be a huge expansion to the Resort. While many Guests find the overall experience with screen-based rides lackluster, many are anticipating that the addition of Epic Universe will bring some truly innovative and jaw-dropping rides. Many are hoping to see Universal embrace its roots by implementing elements from the Universal Classic Horror series.

While this is all subjective, many Guests have been stunned with the quality of recent additions like Hagrid’s Magic Creatures Motorbike Adventure and Jurassic World VelociCoaster and hope Universal continues to create rides of that caliber in the future.

How do you feel about screen-based rides at Universal? Are you sick of them? Do you love them? Let us know below!

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