Disney Guest Claims He Was Forced to Urinate in Splash Mountain

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Splash Mountain ride

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If you have ever been to Walt Disney World, you know that there are oftentimes long waits. Whether you want to get the delicious cheeseburger spring roll in Adventureland and the Kart’s line is backed up into the Magic Kingdom hub, or you want to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and find yourself joining at the Storybook Circus entrance, sometimes, you just have to accept your fate!

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Of course, in instances like those, Guests always have a choice regarding if they would like to wait or not. If you are on a ride and it breaks down, the choice to wait until you are evacuated is not one that you will have. When a ride breaks down, Disney will do their best to get all Guests loaded off at the exit platform; however, sometimes, it may be unsafe or impossible to have the ride continue to operate without maintenance coming in. Although this does not often happen, if it ever happens to you, do not fret, as Disney has protocols set to deal with these situations. 

Splash mountain ride
Reddit user @Few-Working-8470

On a Reddit thread, Disney fans were discussing some of the craziest things they have overheard from Guests. One Reddit user who claims to have been a Cast Member on Splash Mountain recounted an instance where a Guest had become angry because of the evacuation process and showed that he had urinated in his seat.

The Reddit user noted: 

I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff I’m forgetting, and plenty of minor “WTF?!” moments, but one that sticks out in my mind was working at Splash Mountain. The ride broke down and we CMs spread out through the ride to go evacuate people. I get to my area to help, and there is a guy who is absolutely LIVID that it’s not happening fast enough. He’s trying to get out on his own, and I let him know that he needs to stay put and wait for the group. Starting an evacuation takes maybe ten minutes or so to get rolling – maybe 20 if we’ve tried to just restart the ride first, although usually we know right away if it’s an evac. So it’s a bit annoying, maybe, at the most, but you would think it was the end of the world for this guy. He’s ranting and yelling, and I’m trying to calmly tell him to stay seated until we get to his log.

Splash mountain ride
Reddit user @Few-Working-8470

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We get the guests out of the logs behind him (SOP is to start with the back log in the section and work your way towards the first), and when we get to his log, he starts ranting about how he pissed his pants in the meantime, gesturing at a wet spot on his crotch.

It seems, however, that other Guests at the attraction may have caught the angry Guest in a lie. The story continues to note that the wet spot was allegedly caused by water.

The Guests in the log behind him, however, leaned in and said, “He absolutely did not pee his pants, we saw him splash the water on himself to make it look like he did.

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If this is true, the Guest would have violated the safety rules of the attraction, which clearly state that Guests must keep their arms and legs in the vehicle at all times unless instructed differently by a Cast Member. Reaching into the water on Splash Mountain could cause a Guest to receive an injury at the boat bumps along with tight corners and runs on a track.

In the end, all of the Guests received a “FastPass” (now Lightning Lane) for their troubles; however, it was noted that this specific Guest was not given anything extra for his alleged “troubles.” If the other Guests at the attraction were correct, he would have unfortunately had to walk around Magic Kingdom with what looks to be a urination stain until the Florida sun-dried him up!

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Splash Mountain will soon be undergoing a massive change as it will be rethemed to The Princess and the Frog to remove the racial undertones that the Song of the South characters bring into the attraction’s narrative. We do not yet know when this refurbishment will begin, but Disney has announced that they are working on the retheme behind the scenes. 

It goes without saying public urination is not prohibited at Walt Disney World, and there are a ton of bathrooms available on the property, most of which are usually just steps away from Guests at any given point in time.

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