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Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    If you are having an issue where you really have to use the restroom, tell the evacuating the ride, they likely will come up with some solution. It may not be perfect, but should be a a solution in there somewhere. Don’t just yell and rant at the cast member, they don’t know what is wrong.

  2. M

    No one wants the re-theme. By the way, there is no slaves in Song of the South. The movie takes place after the American Civil War and abolition of slavery. I’ve seen the movie. The cast defended the movie. The movie is about Uncle Remus telling Br’er Rabbit stories to kids that look to him as a hero. Care to make a article on #SaveSplashMountain?

    1. Fives

      You do know that Splash isn’t some classic attraction, right? The first one opened in mid ‘89. It’s a non-classic ride themed to a movie nobody has seen. There is no reason for people to be so upset about it being rethemed. Get over it.

      1. Anonymous

        Where did all this sudden love for Princess and the Frog come from? You know the movie that killed 2D animation? That Disney did next to nothing to promote for 11 years? Oh that’s right, everyone, Disney executives included, suddenly remembered they had a black princess when BLM blew up.

      2. Ken

        you and I know the why there are posters here who are all upset.

        They aren’t hiding their reasons. just read how Anonymous here responded.

        1. Anonymous

          You tried to call me a bigot? I’m just stating the facts here. The timing of George Floyd’s death, Disney announcing the real theme and which movie they were going to receive it to, several voice actors quitting because they weren’t the same race as the characters they voiced, etc we’re a little too coincidental to be coincidental. And maybe Your little bit bigoted, thinking POCs are delicate flowers incapable of speaking for themselves?

          1. Anonymous

            Yes I’m well aware of my spelling and grammatical errors. Don’t bother pointing them out.

      3. M

        Funny how the small twitter crazies that were crying and complaining to re-theme the most popular attraction are now saying get over it when the larger majority love the attraction. The save splash has 10x more signatures then the ones that want it re-themed. Pandering to over sensitive Cancel Culture mob that doesn’t pay a dime to go to Disney?! Yeah, that makes a lot of business sense.

        1. Jordan

          Talks about twitter crazies, but you are the one acting crazy about this. They were thinking of doing this for a while, to make it both more modern and to get rid of the theming of the movie that can be seen as negative. Most people will still enjoy the ride regardless of the theme, it’s just people like you that is getting all upset about it. Also, it’s not the most popular ride, it’s just a very well known one. So chill out and wait till the changes happen to get upset about it. Who knows, you might actually like it

          1. Anonymous

            Don’t give me that garbage! Tiana has no place on a log ride and New Orleans lack of mountains does not lend itself well to a flume ride. Also I love the songs in song of the south but none of the Princess and the Frog songs resonated with me

    2. Me

      Should change the name to Pander Mountain or BLMountain.

  3. Ken

    I want the retheme. The movie promoted the happy slave myth.

    1. DisneyFan

      How can there be a “happy slave” myth when there are no slaves in the movie? Only sharecroppers…hmm, that’s an odd statement.

      1. Ken

        Former slave. It is still pushing the mythology. Simple knowledge of that time period shows much. If you want, you can enroll in some US history courses

        1. M

          You want to ban the movie The Patriot next?! Erasing things makes you feel better?! Good grief.

          1. Mark

            On the basis that it stars an anti-Semite, I’m not sure why anyone would want to watch it.

            1. Anonymous

              Well, people still playfully ask which Hogwarts House you belong in despite that series’creator being a transphobe…

        2. DisneyFan

          Or if you’d like you can get your head out of your ass and realize that it’s a fictional movie not meant to be a biographical film 🤯

          1. Ken

            Removing items based on racism should be removed. Removing is not erasing. We still have the othering of the Japanese in WW2 propaganda. What we don’t do is parade it as normal.

            Maybe check some sociology courses

    2. Anonymous

      Your precious movie promoted the happy workaholic myth, which is essentially the same thing.

    3. Dennis

      Um….NO IT DIDN’T. Get informed not knee-jerk misinformation regurgitation.

      1. Jordan

        It kind of did. Sorry to burst your bubble

        1. Anonymous

          Sorry to burst your bubble but your precious movie promoted the happy workaholic myth

  4. Pam

    Wow, I’d expect that from a child but not a grown @$$ man. Maybe he needs to be in diapers.

  5. Goofy

    I think you have a typo at the end of the article. You say that public urination is not prohibited in Disney Parks. No expert, but I wouldn’t try it.

    My son had a potty “emergency” in the middle of the walking part of Rise of the Resistance, after a really long wait. I just told a nearby CM and they took us through a hidden back door to a staff-only area with a bathroom he could use. They were super helpful about it.

    1. Matthew

      I’ve personally witnessed several bigots wet themselves over the ride’s re-theming, so maybe it’s not a typo.

      1. Anonymous

        This has nothing to do with three theme or “bigots” (which incidentally people who think a ride in Frontierland should not be themed to something from New Orleans where there are no mountains and have no interest in following the further adventures of a workaholic stick in the mud aren’t necessarily). This article didn’t even HAVE to mention the retheme!

  6. VB

    Just so you know, Splash Mountain does not run on a track. Logs just float along the flume.

  7. Ember

    Love splash mountain and the story of br’er rabbit, own the movie song of the south, too. Do you think Disney would have made song of the south like roots and put cartoon animals in it? I was sad to see the maelstrom go in Norway and be replaced with Frozen. Disney has to update and unfortunately it’s rides that are loved. Then there are some so outdated like carrousel of progress. We all get a different experience when visiting Disney and love that rides we do for certain reasons.

  8. Mark S

    I love the sentence in the article that says “public urination not prohibited”. Hahaha 🤣 LMAO.

  9. Anonymous

    Mention of the retheme was not necessary

  10. David

    Disney drank the Kool aid years ago. Rather have Trans and what not then the hardworking families that built the happiest place on earth. FJB..

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