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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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  1. Jamie

    Wholly disagree with most of these ranking choices ☹☹

  2. Cody

    This is a terribly written article with awful choices. Season 3 as the worst? Are you kidding?!? Plus it seems like whoever wrote it didn’t even watch the show. Wesley was introduced in season 3, not season 2. And the screenshot for season 2 is from season 1. Maybe the writer will actually watch the show or at least do their homework before publishing such trash.

    1. Jenny Miller

      Thank u for pointing out how bad this article is! And very inaccurate. This person obviously didn’t watch the show.

      1. Cody

        Lol at them editing the article after.

  3. Stephanie

    Yeah couldn’t disagree more. Season six is by far my favorite season.

    1. Jill

      Tabula Rasa was one of my faves!

      1. Mona

        Completely wrong 🤣
        Seriously absolutely wrong order.
        Maybe watch it 🤣 then write about it its full of mistakes. Then rewatch it as I don’t think anyone can fully understand it after one time.

  4. Richard Bradley

    Man I think you missed mark on EVERYONE of these. Honestly, four is the worst. Two and three are so.e of the best and other than the Body season 5 was pretty weak. I think you need a rewatch.

    1. Robert McCracken

      Yeah, this list is a joke, season 3 is by far the best season, and season 4 is by far the worst.

  5. Jenny Miller

    Best Buffy seasons ranked worst to best in my opinion.
    Season 6
    Season 5
    Season 7
    Season 4
    Season 1
    Season 3
    Season 2

    1. Breezy

      This. You nailed it. This article is embarrassing.

    2. Cass

      Yes! This is exactly what I think is wrist to best! Season 2 was so strong and enduring and I’m always going back to rewatch season 1 and 2 on repeat all the time. Season 3 was good and season 4 was great even though I really did not like the gov involvement… season 5 I somewhat like (I really did not like the permanent addition of Dawn and thought she should have disappeared after Buffy jumped off the tower) season 6 I hated…. Season 7 only got good for me further into the season and love the epic battle at the end but definitely so major parts of this season I disliked…..

  6. Lindsay

    What drugs was this person on? Season 3 was the worst? Season 4 near the top? What???

    1. D1xy

      I thought that season 3 was a was call for best season and season five was a very easy call for worst season.

      1. James

        Yeah, I love Season 3. The mayor was great, the threat of a slayer gone bad, Band Candy!!!

        1. Jill

          Band Candy is one of my favorite episodes.

  7. K

    “Season 3 is easily the worst”

    Textbook troll is textbook.

  8. Slp

    I, like everyone else here think you’re pretty far off . In my opinion season 5 was the best then season 6 Season, season 3 season 7 season 2, season 1 and and season 4

  9. Jeremy L Wheeler

    Sorry but Dawn was the worst thing to happen to the show, she was obnoxious, entitled, annoying and only good at whining and screaming.

    1. Stacey

      I would have to agree with you on adding Dawn. The character made up just to be a key. And then they realize that he had to die which made Buffy take her place. They should have thought of a different way for this key to appear maybe not as a sister.

  10. Michael Smith

    This article is an insult to the fine people who gave us this awesome show. The choice of season 3 as the worst???? Please. Best to worst:

    Season 3
    Season 5
    Season 2
    Season 6
    Season 7
    Season 1
    Season 4

    1. James Hampton

      Bravo my ranking exactly.

  11. Angelus

    Angel and Buffy didn”t break up in series 2. That was series 3, the author clearly did not watch the show. Plus per rankings and generally agreed among fans season 2 was the apex of the show. Season 6 ranked higher here tells you the author is a clown.

    1. Bp

      Thank you! Buffy kills Angel at the end of Season 2, because she has to save the world. Again.

  12. Stacey

    Who here was a Buffy and Spike fan? I know I’m not alone.

    1. Jill

      I was! I feel like the chemistry between them was so great-the humor, disgust turning into respect and loyalty..so many more layers to that relationship than of Buffy/Angel pairing. I prefer Spike as a character to Angel-who was just sooo brooding it was annoying at times

  13. Bry

    Worst to best:
    4 – The Initiative storyline & the insufferable Riley made the season almost unbearable. Although, “Hush” and the introduction of Tara salvaged it.
    2 – An entire season about the Buffy/Angel love story. Nauseating.
    1 – Great introduction to the show, but some episodes haven’t aged well and are definitely skipped on rewatches.
    3 – After season 2, 3 could’ve been half as good & still been super. Just a great season.
    5 – Glory is the best big-bad. The only character who was a physical match for Buffy.
    6 – OMWF is the best episode of any TV series ever. I love musicals & the show needed some light. Dark Willow kicks butt. The Trio is the worst big-bad(s). Their existence and Tara’s death prevent 6 from being the best season.
    7 – Excellent way to wrap-up the season. Sarah’s acting chops reached their apex. Zander got a little retribution for being a POS. Anya should’ve lived. Otherwise, a great ending to a phenomenal show.

    1. James Farrell

      I just rewatched S5 and I have to agree with you that Glory is the best BB, but I felt like she wasn’t in S5 enough, just at the beginning and the end. And I feel like the overall pacing of the season arc was pretty baggy and had a lot of contrivances.

      Agreed on OMWF!

  14. Shapi

    I also couldn’t disagree more. My list worst to best:

  15. Jill

    This list is total BS! Season 4 wasn’t close to the top for
    die hard Buffy fans! If not for Hush, Fear Itself (Anya in the Bunny suit still makes me laugh) and Willows sexual awakening I would have no use for it! Season 3 had some of the best episodes, as did season 6! I’m just glad most of the commenters agree about the terrible ranking of this list!

  16. Cass

    Ummmm whoever wrote this must have never watched the show. Season 2 is definitely the BEST, followed by season 1, then 3, then 4, then 7, 5 and 6 as dead last!

  17. Zineera

    The moment I saw season 3 as the worst just killed any credibility. The Mayor is one of the best big bads of the entire series. Not to mention it intro’d Faith. How about people who watch Buffy write articles about ranking anything Buffy.

  18. Jaren

    The real list. Best to worst.

    Season 3
    Pretty much every episode was memorable for better or worse.
    Season 6
    Buffy was finally experiencing real adulthood. (Guardianship, work, hard knocks)
    Season 5
    The Body alone pushes this season toward the top.
    Season 2
    The show got its grove. Angelus introduction was great.
    Season 4
    For having the worst big bad of the series
    Season 1
    Too many experimental episodes for me personally
    Season 7
    Out of all that they went through their big bad was a ghost. (Not literally) But when Buffy said the taunter she was right. That’s literally all the first did was convince people to do stuff & charge up a preacher. Only a handful of likeable episodes.

  19. Rick

    Worst to best:

  20. Mel

    Do not agree at all

  21. Claudia

    Ouch, season 3 is my favourite and the most consistent in terms of episode quality. Similarly I don’t think many people would disagree that the latter half of season 2 is one of the peaks of the whole show. Move those two seasons into the top 3, alongside season 5 and then I’d generally agree with this ranking.

  22. Mona

    Completely wrong 🤣
    Seriously absolutely wrong order.
    Maybe rewatch it 🤣

  23. Mona

    Seriously all wrong the author of this hadn’t seen Buffy, maybe they should 🤣

  24. Shannon

    Haha I disagree with almost every single ranking….haha. It’s always interesting to see what others think about my favorite shows!! Season 5 is so conflicted for me bc while there were some good episodes, I just hated dawn so so much. Hahahaha and then to see what they did with her in the comics!!! So frustrating…haha. Still the best show ever created. 😁

  25. Amy

    This article is very bad, and the author should feel very bad for putting it out there as professional work. Clearly you haven’t actually watched the show enough to be speaking about it.

  26. BuffyMegaFan

    The person who wrote this article is allowed to have their own opinion on which seasons they prefer etc. I agree with some but not all tbh and you know what? I’m 100% fine with that. It doesn’t give me or you the right to be toxic / aggressive to the person who wrote this and forcefully show that you’re deeply unhappy with your own lifes. Urgh angry fanboys!

  27. Kay

    I need an explanation for the sentiment that Buffy should have graduated in Season 2. Are you arguing that the series should have started in her junior year? This makes zero sense. The series starts after the end of the film, which retcons Buffy to bring a freshman, putting season 1 as her sophomore year.

    I stopped reading this article after this weird point.

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