Tom Holland and Zendaya Breakup Rumors Surface Online Amid ‘Spider-Man 4’ Shutdown

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Zendaya as MJ Williams and Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the middle, Tom Holland Image on the left side and Zendaya Image on the right side

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Ever since their fateful meeting on the set of 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’s been nothing but heart eyes for the MCU’s favorite couple, Tom Holland and Zendaya. The actors confirmed their relationship (affectionally dubbed Tomdaya) after years of speculation prior to the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home, and things seemed to have been going steady—until now.

Zendaya and Tom Holland as Spider-Man
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What Have Tom Holland and Zendaya Been up To?

It’s been a big year for both Holland and Zendaya, who have been booked and busy with various projects during their break from the MCU. Outside of her Euphoria commitments, Zendaya is set to reprise her role as Chani in the highly-anticipated sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, which is currently slated to arrive in theaters in November.

Zendaya as Rue in HBO's Euphoria
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As for Holland, the actor hasn’t exactly hit a home run during his time away from the Spidey suit. His latest project, a crime-drama titled The Crowded Room, was immediately trashed on by critics following its debut on Apple TV+ earlier this month. Filming the show was an incredibly intense experience for Holland, who recently announced that he would be taking a short break from acting altogether to focus on his mental health.

Writers Strike and ‘Spider-Man 4’ Shutdown

With this in mind, on top of the ongoing WGA strike, the actor’s future MCU prospects aren’t looking too good. Several Marvel projects have been put on pause in solidarity with the movement, likely affecting the production of the yet-untitled Spider-Man 4.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
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Holland did clarify that”we have been having meetings” about his return to Marvel, but that “We’ve put the meetings on pause in solidarity with the writers.” He added, “At this point, it’s very, very early stages,” but that more Spider-Man is indeed on the horizon. This confirms that we will see Peter Parker and, hopefully, Zendaya’s MJ reunited onscreen in the coming years, though the question of when remains unknown.

But when Zendaya and Holland team up again for the next big Spider-Man MCU project somewhere down the line, there might be hard feelings on set.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Spider-Man Far From Home
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Did Tom Holland and Zendaya Break Up?

Recently, rumors of a breakup between Holland and Zendaya made the rounds across Twitter and other social media platforms, with fans rallying behind their favorite Hollywood “it” couple.

While there’s no concrete evidence that there truly is trouble in paradise for the couple, Twitter users have certainly had fun reacting to the rumors. Some commenters are already “shooting their shot” with Zendaya, while others adamantly deny the allegations.

tom holland (right) and zendaya (left) on good morning america
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This isn’t the first time rumors of a Tomdaya breakup have gone viral, as the couple is notoriously private about their relationship, keeping far away from the public eye aside from the rare paparazzi spotting or red carpet event. Their choice to keep their love life under wraps is definitely a smart move on their behalf, considering their romance has a cult following of fans who constantly take to the internet to obsess over the pair’s every move.

More recently, the latest batch of Tomdaya rumors come after a cryptic tweet from user @CookedbyZo, who simply wrote, “Zendaya and Tom Holland have officially broken up,” followed by a GIF of Will Smith happily clapping with tears in his eyes.

Fans rallied behind Holland and Zendaya in the replies, but it seems like all this panic may have been in vain. Speaking to Buzzfeed in a recent interview, Holland was asked about his “rizz-game,” where he alluded that he doesn’t have to have flirting skills since he’s “locked up:”

I have no rizz whatsoever; I have limited rizz. My brother, Paddy, has ultimate rizz. I don’t know. I need you to fall in love with me, really, for it to work. So, long game. Probably making a movie with each other — it definitely helps when the characters are falling in love with one another, you can sort of blur the lines a little bit. That’s kind of where my rizz is at. And I’m, you know, I’m locked up, so I’m happy and in love, so I’ve got no need for rizz.

It’s hard to imagine that in the time between now and this interview being released, Tomdaya would’ve called it quits on their years-long relationship, making it doubtful that any whispers of their split are actually true. With Holland admitting he’s “happy and in love,” the only thing fans should be saying is “awwww.”

Odds are that the original Twitter poster just wanted to stir the pot on social media, and get some funny responses by starting a fake rumor about two of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors.

So in short, have Tom Holland and Zendaya broken up? The answer is almost certainly no. Instead, what fans really should be concerned about is whether or not we’re getting a Spider-Man 4 anytime soon. Priorities, people.

What do you think of this recent Tomdaya breakup rumor? Are you excited to see this pair back in action for Spider-Man 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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