Tom Holland Confirms ‘Spider-Man 4’ Is Shut Down Indefinitely

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Spider-Man Far From Home

Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony Pictures

It seems like a lifetime ago that Spider-Man: No Way Home was released. It’s been less than two years, but we have all waited for news about Tom Holland returning to the role. Thankfully, producer Amy Pascal confirmed that the film was in the works, but now Holland himself has offered another update.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man/Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home
Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

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The world of show business has come to a screeching halt, as the WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) is currently in the throes of a strike. The writers want a fair deal for their essential work on anything and everything that requires a script, which is certainly fair in terms of how important they are to the grand scheme of things.

All around the world, protests have been taking place, showcasing unions marching and doing their best to shut down productions. Despite some productions still moving forward, as their scripts have been completed, many media companies have shut down completely to honor their hardworking writers.

Amy Pascal, the longtime producer of the Spider-Man franchise, confirmed that work on Spider-Man 4 is happening. However, she did indicate that the WGA strike would also affect the production of the highly anticipated title. Now, Tom Holland has offered his own words about the highly anticipated Web Head adventure.

Tom Holland Finally Speaks About ‘Spider-Man 4’

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

Tom Holland was attending the premiere of his new AppleTV+ series, The Crowded Room when he was asked about this next Sony/Marvel joint feature. Holland confirmed what Pascal had stated but went slightly deeper into the details.

Holland says, “I can’t talk about that, but I can say that we have been having meetings. We’ve put the meetings on pause in solidarity with the writers. There’s been multiple conversations had, but at this point, it’s very, very early stages.”

The silver lining is that Holland has finally confirmed that Spider-Man 4 is happening, which is much more than he has said about returning to the role for the past two years. However, it appears that the “talks” that were ongoing are now put on indefinite hold to support the WGA strike. Also, he did state that the anticipated sequel is in the “very, very early stages.” That small statement might also be concerning in that we might not see Spider-Man 4 for quite some time.

There is no telling how long this WGA strike can go for. The last one occurred in 2007-2008 and went on for 100 days, which naturally caused many delays. Spider-Man 4 isn’t the only Marvel property being hit with deep delays, and it certainly will not be the last.

Tom Holland as peter parker back to the future
Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony Pictures

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We hope the WGA can get the fair deal they seek, as they are desperately needed. We also selfishly want this to happen soon so that we can get Tom Holland back to his most coveted role. The world needs more Spider-Man. Well, Across the Spider-Verse is out now, but the live-action films have been so good that we want more.

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