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Disney Fans React to Absurd Park Incidents That Left Guests Kicked Off Property

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The Disney Parks may be magical, but sometimes, interesting things can happen due to Guests making bad decisions.

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In the past, we have reported multiple stories about Guests who have broken the rules at Disney, and because of it, they faced consequences for their actions. As the Disney Parks are private property, Disney can create its own rules and regulations, and if Guests break those rules, Disney is in control of who they allow to remain on property and who must be escorted off property (or banned from the Parks altogether).

Considering Disney’s rules are typically pretty standard and aimed at keeping Guests safe, and prohibit stealing, violence, and other inappropriate behavior, when the rules are broken, it is often grounds for removal.

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Whenever we report these absurd stories, it is always interesting to see what you, our readers, have to say about the situations. Today, we will take a look at a few recent stories and find out what you had to say about them.

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We recently reported on a woman being removed from Disneyland after potentially having urinated somewhere in the Park that was not a bathroom. The incident was shot via TikTok, which you can check out below, and seemingly took place along the waterfront in the New Orleans Square area of the theme Park. The video begins mid-conversation, so we cannot be sure as to what occurred exactly; however, the Guests continues to say “I had to urinate,” and she shares that she has peed in cups in the past.


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Of course, if the Guest did indeed publicly urinate in the Disney Park but outside a bathroom, that would be cause for removal as if it is not allowed on Disney property, and the Disney Cast Member said the Guest would need to leave due to her behavior.

It seemed some thought the Guest may have been pregnant, which is why she had to urinate immediately, to which Eric C. said:

My wife has gone through 2 pregnancies and has never gotten us thrown out of anywhere for [peeing] where she wasn’t supposed to

Nancy referred to the proximity of bathrooms at the Disney Parks.

I have been to Disney World NUMEROUS times , and ALWAYS found a bathroom when I or anyone else in my party had to go. I would NEVER even think about not using a bathroom ! It was very inappropriate behavior. Can you imagine if EVERYONE did that ? There are plenty of bathrooms there !

Disneyland bathroom
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Steven D. was also shocked by the situation.

Been to disney with kids 7 times and not once has any of us been caught that short, there are plenty of restrooms around every park there is no excuse for just been filthy. Admitting she’s done it cups etc before clearly shows she has no respect for people around her […] Well done disney for continuing to maintain high standards.

Candee M. applauded Disney for its standards.

There are rules, policies, laws to protect those of us who do what is right from those who do not. Disney Parks have high standards. People pay alot of money to go there and deserve to have a happy safe experience Disney employees keep parks clean for us.

It seems that overall, our readers were quite shocked by the situation!

New Orleans Square
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Another incident recently occurred at Walt Disney World Resort in EPCOT. One Guest thought it would be funny to steal a cucumber from the Living with the Land attraction. The Guest not only stood up on a moving ride vehicle but jumped out and attempted to steal a cucumber from Disney property. She ended up falling, and her plan was unsuccessful.

living with the land
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Of course, jumping out of a moving attraction after being told to stay seated is extremely unsafe and a violation of the rules at Walt Disney World. Another rule indicates that stealing is also prohibited, which is another rule this Guest attempted to break. Depending on the scenario, a Guest can be removed from the Park and even receive a lifetime ban for breaking the rules.

Here is what our readers thought of the situation:

Adrienne was unhappy that a Guest attempted to cause so much danger:

Here’s hoping this person was banned from WDW. If you cant follow the tules you endanger everyone else.

living with the land
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Lisa simply shared what many of us were thinking:

Cucumber? Lol!!!

CJ assumed she was under the influence of alcohol:

Not sure, of course, but she appears to be drunk or intoxicated in some way.

K was upset to see this behavior take place on such an educational ride.

No respect for someone elses property; manners; judgement; consideration for others or what kind of life lesson she is demonstrating to children aboard? Listen to the Land is an educational and enjoyable ride. There are legal ramifications. She need never return. Good grief.

Joe noted that if she had done the paid tour, she could have even tasted the vegetable!

If she went on the walking tour they give you a free sample of the cucumber ?. Just saying.

living with the land
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We are unsure as to what the consequences were for this Guest; however, it certainly serves as an example of what not to do when visiting Disney World. 

To learn more about the rules and regulations set out by the Walt Disney World Resort, click here! If you are ever unaware of whether something is or is not allowed, you can always ask a nearby Cast Member.

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Another Guest and ex-Cast Member were banned from Disney World for life after promoting drinking from decorative water fountains and taking photos backstage.

VaderOne was happy to say goodbye to this behavior:

Oh well. People who openly and mockingly refuse to abide by rules designed to protect themselves and others shouldn’t be allowed back into the parks. Let that be a lesson of what NOT to do and what consequences will follow.

Andy P. saw this as more of a game for the Guest.

Sounds like he was trying to see how far he could push them before they lost their patience. Well, now he has his answer. I guess there will be no more “great big beautiful tomorrows” for this guy!

Judy C. was happy to see Disney set a standard for Guests.

Seems appropriate. We try to teach our son that you need to show respect to receive respect. This individual did not show respect and earned his consequences.

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There was also once a man who snuck onto the abandoned Discovery Island on Disney World property. Of course, he ended up being removed and banned from the parks. The Guest was camping at the island for days before police were able to discover his whereabouts and remove him. 

Scar tried to understand the Guest’s situation before judging him.

I’ve always dreamed if what it would be like to stay inside a Disney Park thru the night ((only cause I hate to leave) so I can totally understand having the park to yourself but it is still a little bit out there. Who knows what his situation was, maybe he needed shelter but guy messed with the wrong people and now he’s banned for life ( harsh) but I also understand if Disney doesn’t reprimand people how many others would do this. Can’t wait for Disney to be open again .

discovery island
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The Guest ended up accepting a plea deal for his actions. 

Remember to always be aware of what Disney rules and standards are before visiting any Disney property. If you are ever unaware of whether something is or is not allowed, you can always ask a nearby Cast Member.

Click here for the official Walt Disney World Resort rules. 

Click here for the official Disneyland Resort rules.

What do you think of these stories? Let us know in the comments below! 

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