Fans start “Why I got kicked out of Disney” trend on Twitter

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Kicked Out of Disney

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We’ve seen plenty of wild guests at Disney Parks these days, from a fight in Disneyland’s ToonTown to a woman getting kicked out after punching a Cast Member and even an angry mom who thinks childless adults should be banned from Walt Disney World. So we’re not surprised that the trend of getting “kicked out of Disney” is taking the internet by storm. Some Disney fans, former Disney Parks guests, and other bandwagoners have jumped on the Twitter hashtag trend #WhyIGotKickedOutofDisney to make light of recent events, and the results are pretty hilarious.

While some guests have shared more PG-13 content as a response to this new Twitter trend, others are making more lighthearted jokes about why they would get kicked out of Disney if it had actually happened to them. From shouting “Andy’s coming!” to the “Toy Story” characters to trying to take Prince Charming from Cinderella, these fans have gotten pretty creative in sharing why Disney Parks might decide to ask them to leave. Here are some of the highlights from the #WhyIGotKickedOutofDisney trend on Twitter:

We’re not surprised in the slightest that a hashtag like this is making the rounds on social media. We’ve shared the risky situations that Disney Parks guests have gotten themselves into lately, and even though Disneyland and Walt Disney World are the worlds of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy, where kids and kids at heart can live out their dreams, it’s important to remember that they are still real life places where all types of people interact with one another. So while we don’t encourage anyone to try to get themselves kicked out of Disney anytime soon, we still appreciate some fans reminding us all not to get ourselves in ridiculous situations at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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Source: Orlando Weekly

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