Disney’s NEW ‘Star Wars’ Experience Is “Like Four Movie Theaters Next to Each Other”

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dcl disney wish hyperspace lounge

Credit: Disney

When The Walt Disney Company officially unveiled its newest Disney Cruise Line ship — the Triton Class Disney Wish — earlier this year, fans were elated with the many exciting spaces they will get to experience while onboard.

Disney Wish Bow Installation
Credit: Disney

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This all-new luxury liner features a first-of-its-kind Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge, a Toy Story splash pad just for kids, and incredible Frozen and Marvel dining experiences for the whole family!

Now, Walt Disney Imagineering is pulling back the curtain on its brand new Star Wars experience, which marks the first time ever the company has created a Star Wars-themed space primarily for adults.

Disney Wish - Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge
Credit: Disney

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Although the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge will be all-ages during the day and will feature plenty of non-alcoholic beverages for Guests of all ages, it was designed with grown-ups in mind.

The Orlando Sentinel recently spoke to some of the Imagineers behind Disney’s newest space inspired by a galaxy far, far away:

“We’ve heard from adults, why are Star Wars experiences limited to the kids spaces,” said Imagineer and project coordinator Sachi Handke, noting they would hear things like, “My kids are Star Wars fans because I am a Star Wars fan and I’ve imbued them with that fandom.”

canto bight casino crowd
Credit: Lucasfilm

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The newspaper’s article went on to note:

The space is meant to feel lavish, pulling inspiration from the ship of character Dryden Vos seen in “Solo: A Star Wars Story” or the casino city Canto Bight seen in “Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.”

What’s in the works is a high-end bar as if travelers were on a yacht-class spaceship. For those that venture into the space, it will be as if they’re leaving the Disney cruise ship and boarding a vessel in that galaxy far, far away. That includes a promised sliding door with a signature, “whooosh” sound.

twilek character at galactic starcruiser bar
Credit: Screenshot via Disney

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Intriguingly, it seems like the Imagineering department is trying to create a space extremely similar to the upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel, an immersive experience set to open at Walt Disney World Resort in spring 2022.

galactic starcruiser sublight lounge
Credit: Disney

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The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge coffee table book shared details about the design of the Starcruiser, which will contrast with the feel of Disney’s gritty Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge planet, Batuu:

Whereas Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a bit dusty and grainy — like the Route 66 of Star Wars — the Halcyon needed to feel modern and sleek; Imagineering and Lucasfilm wanted the Halcyon to live on the opposite end of the spectrum. If guests only had the option to stay for two nights, they wanted to make them feel like well-heeled travelers having a lovely experience. It was an opportunity to play with more of the slicker spaceship designes featured in Star Wars. Think Dryden Vos’s lush yacht, redolent with glossy surfaces, artifacts, elite clientele, and classy entertainment. Or, consider the opulence of Canto Bight with its glistening curves, sparkling glassware, and sweeping spaces.

imagineers working on star wars hyperspace lounge screens
Credit: Disney

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The sleek new lounge will also feature some high-tech engineering in order to bring the Star Wars universe to life for Guests. The Sentinel shared:

Once inside, every hour or so, a massive screen with 16,000 pixels will be displaying scenes moving among six planets from the Star Wars galaxy, running from 7-10 minutes each. They include Tatooine, Mustafar, Batuu, Coruscant, the Moons of Endor and a scene including the Ace Squadron, which are characters from a Disney cartoon called “Star Wars Resistance.”

“It’s like four movie theaters next to each other,” said concept designer Nick Snyder. “That’s the kind of resolution we’re talking about here.”

star wars hyperspace lounge concept art
Credit: Disney

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The impressive screens will feature 40 different ships from the Star Wars franchise, including the Ghost ship from Dave Filoni’s Star Wars Rebels animated series and, of course, Han Solo and Chewbacca’s Corellian light freighter, the Millennium Falcon.

Galaxys Edge attractions
Credit: Disney

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StarWars.com previously shared all 40 starships that Guests can expect to see when they enter the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge:


  • CR70 diplomatic cruiser
  • Coruscant AA-9 passenger liner
  • Coruscant transport freighter
  • Corellian CR90 corvette
  • Halcyon
  • Ibis freighter
  • Nukoy freighter
  • Marisas freighter
  • Naboo N-1 starfighter
  • Starspeeder 3000
  • Traffic Ships


  • Dornean gunship
  • Imperial arrestor cruiser
  • Imperial Star Destroyer
  • Imperial Lambda-class shuttle
  • Imperial Delta-class shuttle
  • Imperial TIE boarder
  • Imperial TIE brute heavy fighter
  • Imperial TIE fighter


  • Corellian passenger transport
  • Rogue-class fighter
  • The Millennium Falcon
  • New Republic prison ship
  • The Razor Crest
  • KGZ-54 Starcrane
  • AA-C39 freighter
  • Ghtroc 820 Transport
  • Lantzant Hybrid Hauler
  • Lancer pursuit craft
  • Victor-wing fighter


  • Resistance A-wing fighter
  • Tuggs’ Grub food transport
  • Coruscant AA-9 passenger liner
  • Coruscant transport freighter
  • Mining guild freighter
  • The Millennium Falcon
  • Resistance MC85 Mon Calamari cruiser
  • First Order Star Destroyer
  • First Order TIE fighter
  • Traffic ships
  • ZH-40 freighter
  • Resistance X-wing fighter


  • Resistance bunkerbuster
  • Mining guild freighter
  • YT-2400 freighter
  • Gozanti cruiser
  • Nebulon-B frigate
  • Tri-wing S-91X fighter
  • Resistance cargo frigate
  • Resistance MC85 Mon Calamari cruiser
  • First Order TIE fighter
  • Drovan freighter
  • Razor assault ship
  • Resistance X-wing fighter
  • Resistance Y-wing fighter
star wars hyperspace lounge
Credit: Disney Wish Virtual Presentation (Screenshot ITM)

The Wish will be the fifth ship in the DCL fleet, joining the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy, the Disney Magic, and the Disney Wonder.

Are you excited about Disney’s newest Star Wars experience?

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