Dress Code Violation: Man Enters Disney Park Wearing Secret Vulgar Clothing

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It may be called The Happiest Place on Earth, but not everyone would be happy to find a guest donning vulgar clothing secretly while visiting the Disneyland Resort.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland.
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Disneyland Resort, nestled in Anaheim, Southern California, is one of the most visited parks worldwide. As Walt Disney’s first amusement park resort, Disneyland holds a special place in the hearts of many fans.

With its two theme parks, three hotels (Disney’s Pixar Place Hotel, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, and Disneyland Hotel), and Downtown Disney shopping and eating complex, there is much to do at the Golden State’s leading resort.

Pixar Place Hotel grand opening at Disneyland Resort
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Disneyland’s classic attractions, like Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain, and newer additions, such as Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT! and the upcoming Tiana’s Bayou Adventure—along with special events like Disneyland After Dark, Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite, and Pixar Fest—keep guests coming back for more.

While it may not be the sprawling behemoth of Walt Disney World Resort over in Orlando, Central Florida, Disneyland packs a punch for its size. It will soon expand thanks to the continuation of the DisneylandForward plan and the arrival of the Na’vi in the recently announced Avatar-themed addition.

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Most guests will visit the parks without encountering anything untoward, thanks to Disney’s robust security and health and safety measures. But on occasion, guests wearing restricted clothing will pass through the cracks—and others will notice.

Sharing to Instagram, Yasmin (@_yasminbetancourt) encountered a guest wearing a blue T-shirt with a large QR code printed on the back. In the video, the guest can be seen somewhere on Pixar Pier as the Incredicoaster goes by in the distance. The creator scans the QR code with her phone, only to be presented with “f*** you.”

Guests riding Incredicoaster at Disneyland
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The creator then says she “can’t believe he has that walking around Disneyland.” For the full video, watch below:

I still can’t believe it said that. That’s some Knotts [Berry Farm] behavior jkjk


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The official Disneyland Resort website has guidelines on suitable attire for guests visiting Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

The webpage reads, “Ensuring that the parks are family-friendly is an important part of the Disney experience. In that spirit, we ask you to use discretion and common sense.”

Wondrous Journeys projections at Sleeping Beauty Castle
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Underneath, Disney lists some of the clothing restrictions that, if worn to the parks, may risk immediate expulsion. In relation to the aforementioned guest’s QR code shirt that leads to a curse word, Disney includes the following as inappropriate attire:

  • Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics
Disney Characters at Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Resort in California
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The resort’s park rules expand on this, saying, “We reserve the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other [g]uests.”

It is not just obscene language and graphics that can result in expulsion from the parks; other items include adults wearing costumes, objectionable tattoos, and clothing that exposes too much skin.

A busy outdoor scene at a Disney theme park with a large crowd of people, Disney merchandise stalls, a riverboat in the background, trees, and a clear blue sky.
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Over the years, there has seemingly been an uptick in attire violations. Throughout 2021 and 2022, a viral trend saw guests entering the parks in revealing clothing to gain access to a free shirt of their choice from a merchandise location in order to cover up.

In terms of costume violations, only cast members can don full-character costumes due to the health and safety of other visitors. However, in 2021, one guest entered Disney California Adventure’s Avengers Campus section posing as Spider-Man and performing acrobatics for unaware guests.

Avengers Campus and Guardians of the Galaxy -- Mission: BREAKOUT! at Disneyland Resort
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The unauthorized individual then ran through the Disney park’s crowds but was finally apprehended by security and escorted out.

Then, there are cases like the QR code shirt, with some guests opting to confidently wear clothing with obscene and vulgar material printed on it.

A large, colorful archway sign welcomes visitors to Walt Disney World, featuring its iconic slogan "The Most Magical Place on Earth." The road leading to the entrance is lined with palm trees and includes an image of Mickey Mouse. The sky is partly cloudy.
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In September 2023, guests were seen wearing shirts sporting two curse words while strolling around the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. Prior to this, in April, another guest was photographed wearing a baseball hat sporting the phrase, “Show Me That Butthole.”

Of course, some will see the humor in wearing clothing like this, but others are likely to be offended, especially when considering the environment in which it is being worn.

What are your thoughts on the secret vulgar clothing at Disneyland? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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