‘Bluey’ Reveals Controversial Truth About Parenting

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Bandit and Bingo in Stickbird

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Bluey is undoubtedly one of the most beloved shows currently streaming. An animated series enjoyed by both parents and children is truly something of a rare treat, but there’s definitely a stronger pull from the older audience in many cases.

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Part of the reason the show works is that the characters have a solid sense of reality about them. Instead of being wide-eyed innocents with personalities about as interesting as a bag of mulch, Bluey and Bingo tend to behave like actual kids rather than flat characters in the vein of someone like Peppa Pig. However, realistic children also require realistic parents.

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Inside the Magic recently covered multiple Bluey buffs sharing what they believed were the most relatable moments in the show. Along with such apparent elements as the backseat of the car being covered in kid clutter, one consistent observation holds a nugget of truth that many parents might be ashamed to admit.

Bluey Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

Chilli, Bluey, and Bingo in the kitchen
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The series has often been called a show about parenting that kids can watch as well, and that’s undoubtedly one apt perspective. However, a fact that continues to draw more viewers is how increasingly relatable and realistic Bandit and Chilli are to the grownups in the room. Case in point, Chilli’s frazzled state depicted in the episode “Sheepdog.”

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In the episode, Chilli is at her absolute wits’ end with Bluey and Bingo. The pups aren’t doing anything particularly naughty; they’re just being rambunctious kids. Still, trying to get dinner in the slow cooker with one child on your leg and another obnoxiously blowing a recorder is enough to get under any parent’s skin (or fur). Enter Bandit to take the lead and give his wife a much-needed “20 minutes.”

It’s safe to say that while most parents love their children, anyone who’s ever spent an extraneous amount of time with kids knows that they can be a lot to handle. Even the episode openly admits that sometimes, even though they still love them, parents need a break. In response, the fanbase openly and vocally agreed.

The Truth Comes Out

Chilli needing 20 minutes in Bluey
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A recent Reddit post asked viewers to share their most relatable moment from the show, and a horde of parents responded to needing a 20-minute break on multiple occasions.

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u/YosemiteDaisy begins the conversation when they post,

“Sheepdog. Chilli is at her last straw and just needs 20 minutes! Every parent has been overstimulated by young kids.”

To which u/Specific_Cow_Parts replies,

“My husband and I refer to it as “needing a Chilli 20 minutes” for exactly this reason. If one of us asks for a Chilli 20 minutes, they get it, no questions asked.”

Both of these perspectives are valid, simply echoing Chilli’s thoughts and actions in the episode. However, further down in the thread, more parents explain why having a “Chilli 20 Minutes” isn’t just healthy; it’s essential.

u/DrMantisTobboggan goes into greater detail when they add,

“This happened a lot with my kids when they were very little. They would always want their mum and would rarely come to me if she was an option. Now they’re a bit older, they’re mostly happy to go to either of us.”

“Making sure my partner has opportunities to get out of the house without kids, and for the kids to spend time with me without the option of going to their mum both gave her a break and got the kids used to the idea.”

Bandit and Chilli after a party
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Bandit and Chilli might be placed on a pedestal as top-tier parenting goals, but Joe Brumm and the rest of the team at Ludo go to great lengths to reinforce that they are still prone to human errors and realistic limits. That includes needing a break from Bluey and Bingo once in a while.

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Parenting isn’t easy, and Bluey doesn’t always paint it as a bed of roses; just look at the episodes featuring Muffin. Still, it’s something of a shock to see the beloved show outwardly make that statement. Even so, the show and its creators are also sure to establish that just because Mum is overwhelmed, it doesn’t mean she loves her girls any less.

Do you ever need “20-minutes?” Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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