‘Bluey’ Movie Teased by ‘Wicked’ Director

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A woman with green skin and dark braided hair wears glasses and a black outfit, standing in the foreground. Behind her, an animated blue dog character from the teased 'Bluey' movie with upright ears and a concerned expression looks into the distance, wearing a light blue shirt.

Credit: Inside the Magic

Bluey and her family dance at a wedding.
Credit: Ludo Studio

Even though season 3 just ended, Bluey remains the name on nearly everyone’s lips. With the success of the beloved Australian animated series on Disney+ and Disney Junior, many wonder how long it might be before we finally see our girl on the big screen.

With the absolute emotional powerhouse that was “The Sign,” it’s been speculated that the series will extend its runtime similar to the 28-minute-long special. However, it could also be said that the extended episode is also prepping viewers for a potential Bluey movie. Moreover, interest in developing a full-length feature film has already been brewing.

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Inside the Magic recently covered a rumor that some of Australia’s biggest stars, like Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, were reportedly attached to the project. While not officially confirmed, the potential for Bluey’s big movie continues to grow, especially since one famous director just expressed interest in taking the reins.

From Green to Blue, Wicked Director Talks Bluey

(L) Elphaba Thropp (Cynthia Erivo) (R) Glinda Upland (Ariana Grande) in the 'Wicked' trailer
Credit: Universal Pictures

Known for his work on Crazy Rich Asians, Jon M. Chu spearheads the upcoming Wicked adaptation based on the Gregory Maguire book and Broadway musical of the same name. While fans are getting ready to follow Elphaba and Glinda’s journey to the Emerald City, Chu made an interesting comment involving where and what he’d like to film next.

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Per The Daily Telegraphthe director expressed interest in filming in Sydney for his next project. However, he might have his sights on a different Land of Oz.

Chu stated,

“It was all about stage space, to be honest, in the end, so we went where the stage spaces were. I know I will shoot there, I have been all around the world to shoot and never in Sydney. One day, I promise, as long as the spiders don’t kill me, I’ll be good.”

While endearing, the following comment had some fans on high alert.

“I can’t wait to make a ‘Bluey’ movie there.”

It should be noted that the report distinctly states Chu made the comment in a joking manner, but that doesn’t mean the interest isn’t genuine. Even discussion of a potential film inspired by the beloved series might be enough to generate buzz from others in the industry, and Chu isn’t the only Bluey fan in Hollywood.

For Real Life?

Bluey watching a movie
Credit: Ludo Studio

Several stars in the movie business have expressed their love for the blue cartoon dog, and even Deadpool’s own Ryan Reynolds has dipped his toe in the water with an ad campaign featuring a live-action Heeler house. By little exaggeration, it’s only a matter of time before someone comes knocking on Ludo’s door.

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That said, it’s still speculation at the time of writing. The show and its creators are still taking their scheduled break, and ultimately, Ludo Studio has the final word on whether or not this will actually happen. Since even Bluey creator Joe Brumm has expressed interest in making the episodes longer, a movie wouldn’t be out of the question.

Do you think we’ll get a Bluey movie? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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