Rise of the Resistance Shutting Down, Cast Member Tells All

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Stormtroopers in 'Star Wars': Rise of the Resistance

Credit: Disney

From Disneyland to the Walt Disney World ResortStar Wars has had a prominent presence in the parks thanks to the construction of Galaxy’s Edge. Jumping from the screen to the parks was practically inevitable, but the immersive ride experiences like Smuggler’s Run and Rise of the Resistance truly pull guests into the action… When they actually work.

carousel of progress exterior
Credit: Disney

There have been several recent reports of Disney rides stalling, breaking, or even resulting in complete evacuations, especially regarding the more tech-heavy fixtures. This has been most frequently seen with some of the older attractions like the Carousel of Progress, but even some of the more modern marvels are suffering from frequent malfunctions that break the illusion Disney goes to great lengths to maintain.

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Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland has been struggling this week, and one seasoned cast member explains why in great detail. After consistently receiving reports and questions from Disney Park guests, the cast member identified as u/Taalmois shares what happens behind the scenes when the First Order wrecks our rescue missions.

Rise of the Resistance Has a Rough Ride

Kylo Ren and General Hux on Rise of the Resistance
Credit: Jeremy Thompson via Flickr

In their post, the self-identified cast member goes into great detail explaining why Rise of the Resistance continues to have frequent malfunctions. The user begins by writing,

“As a cast member who works at Rise of the Resistance in Disneyland, I have seen my fair share of downtimes at the ride. Many guests ask why it breaks down so often, so I thought I’d give my observations and explanations as I understand them. I would first like to say that Rise of the Resistance really doesn’t break as much as people claim. While it has broken down 5+ times in a day, those are uncommon, I’d say our average is once or twice a day. That is about the same as the other larger attractions at Disneyland, but due to its popularity and high demand, it is noticed more than something like Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway (another trackless ride).”

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While an average twice-a-day breakdown is mostly an inconvenient annoyance, it’s still strangely too common for a park with Disney’s standards. The cast member then lists the most common reasons for the frequent stallings.

Communication Loss

Daisy Ridley's Rey as a Hologram on Rise of the Resistance
Credit: Inside the Magic

As a trackless ride, Rise of the Resistance has an extensive wireless network that ensures the vehicles properly follow their lines of travel. Disney might have significantly revolutionized the technology, but nobody’s perfect, as the cast member points out.

“Rise of the Resistance uses trackless technology to immerse the guests in the story of Star Wars. The ride has dozens of nodes or points that communicate with the 30+ ride vehicles on the ride path. If the system loses connection with any of those points for less than a second, the ride will stop. This is the most common reason for the ride to break down. Average recovery (40 min).”

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Similar occurrences have been seen at Runaway Railway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, especially in Daisy Duck’s dance class. However, that’s not the only charge brought up against the ride.

Lifts and Drops

rise of the resistance stormtrooper room with r5 unit in foreground
Credit: Disney

What kind of Star Wars ride would it be if someone didn’t use the Force? Joking aside, the vertical motion of the ride vehicles and their machinery poses another particular problem. The cast member continues,

“Spoiler Alert, there’s a drop. When a vehicle goes into a drop, it locks in place, there are sensors to make sure everything is clear and aligned, and an impressive drop with motion simulation. Any of these elements could cause the ride to break down. Hats are one of the concerns that could interrupt the ride. If a hat blocks a sensor or gets jammed into the locking mechanism, it will cause the ride to break. We do have cameras to see when a hat is in the ride path, and we determine if it could cause the ride to break and will pause operations to retrieve the hat, but sometimes it’s too late. The lifts aren’t as complicated but could still fail for similar reasons. Average recovery if we catch the hat (10 min). Average recovery if we miss the hat (1hr).”

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While it’s comforting to know there are protocols in place for instances like this, this isn’t the first time something like a hat stopping a ride has led to a full stop. It’s definitely not the strangest reason, either.

Unusual Conditions

An animatronic in the pre-show for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland Park.
Credit: Alex Lue, Inside the Magic

As anyone with any Disney park experience will know, both attractions and the guests who ride them can be capable of strange things. In their post, the cast member continues to give readers various examples of the unpredictability of what can happen aboard the First Order’s cruiser.

“What’s that squeaking noise? Do you see that? Is Kylo supposed to do that? These kinds of questions could cause enough concern to pause the ride and verify the legitimacy of the concern. If something doesn’t look, sound, feel, or even smell right, cast members have to react by stopping the ride and having the maintenance team check it. Most of the time, it isn’t always something that needs to be fixed right away; a sticky wheel or a door that needs some oil. Sometimes it’s a quick fix; the droid isn’t scanning or the lightsaber doesn’t cut through the ceiling. Other times it could cause an extended downtime; a screw was found in the ride path or there was a loud grinding noise. Average recovery (5 min – 1hr).”

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The cast member concludes their post with a closing statement saying how while these instances are common occurrences aboard the ride, they are not as frequent as some might think. In the end, rides like Rise of the Resistance have so much going on backstage that it’s impossible for things to go 100% right 100% of the time. Chalk it up to being a brilliant idea made by flawed, human hands.

Inside the Magic attempted to reach out to the cast member for further comment, but was unable to receive a reply due to privacy settings.

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