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Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and King Arthur Carousel at Disneyland Park in the Fantasyland Area

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An iconic animatronic in Disneyland has been reported missing, altering the experience of thousands of unsuspecting guests.

Since Walt Disney led the accelerated growth of Disneyland Resort, audio-animatronics have played an essential role in the Anaheim-based Disney Resort and at Disney Parks worldwide. The most recent developments have shocked Disney fans, with lifelike characters from Beauty and the Beast (1991), Frozen (2013), and The Princess and the Frog (2009) making their way into the parks with jaw-dropping details.

Unfortunately, an iconic animatronic has been reported missing from its Disneyland location.

An animatronic in the pre-show for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland Park.
Credit: Alex Lue, Inside the Magic

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From Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room to Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and soon Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, audio-animatronics are some of the most valuable instruments in Walt Disney Imagineers’ toolboxes to bring stories to life with The Walt Disney Company’s characteristic charm, pulling beloved Disney characters from their movies and even adding presidents of the United States into the parks.

Sadly, Instagram user @disway80 recently posted a reel on Instagram, reporting that an iconic animatronic was missing from its Fantasyland attraction.

The user shared a video, commenting that the Evil Queen animatronic was missing from its scene in Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, one of the beloved Fantasyland dark rides. “Where is the queen? She’s gone!” said @disway80.

Enchanted stroll through a fairytale: the seven dwarfs marching home on a magical evening, captured in the vibrant and whimsical theme park attraction Snow White's Enchanted Wish in Disneyland Park
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The scene from which the Evil Queen is reportedly missing is essential to the story. In it, she transforms into an old beggar to trick Snow White into biting the poisoned apple. While the story of Snow White is a known Disney Animation classic, the animatronic missing from the attraction could alter the experience for thousands of families who ride it daily.

Disneyland officials have not announced any plans to refurbish the attraction, making the report of the missing animatronic more shocking. However, the Evil Queen may have presented an unexpected malfunction that caused her sudden removal, and she will undoubtedly return to the attraction as soon as Disney cast members can solve the animatronic’s problem. You can click here to see the video.

Dopey animatronic in Snow White's Enchanted Wish, an iconic dark ride in Disneyland Park's Fantasyland
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The fairytale that launched Walt Disney and Disney Animation into stardom can’t seem to escape the spotlight, as the upcoming live-action remake headlined by Rachel Zegler as Snow White and Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen, was a hot topic for most of 2023, with the project receiving severe backlash and harsh criticism from fans and even members of the dwarf community, denouncing the movie for choosing a “woke” way to portray the classic fairytale.

The intense backlash of the upcoming live-action adaptation of the beloved Disney classic even sparked rumors of the movie’s cancellation, particularly after Zegler’s strong declarations about the film and Disney’s bold decision to leave little people out of the remake’s casta move that was shockingly corrected in late 2023.

Rachel Zegler in Disney's Snow White
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If you haven’t had the chance to experience Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, Disney describes the attraction as follows:

Follow the Fairest of Them All

Settle into a wooden mine cart and accompany Snow White as she flees from the evil Queen.

Begin your fairytale journey in the cozy cottage of the Seven Dwarfs, then visit dazzling mines filled with glowing gems. Soon you’ll be riding into the Queen’s sorcery chamber and discovering a magic mirror just as Snow White bites into a poisoned apple!

When all looks lost, will Snow White find her own happily ever after?

Exterior of Snow White's Enchanted Wish at Fantasyland in Disneyland Park
Credit: Disney

New Magic Added to a Classic Attraction

Discover new shimmering and sparkling effects, plus dazzling new scenes with Snow White dancing, the scent of pies baking, and the evil Queen’s collection of spell books and bubbling potions.

Beware the Queen’s Window!

Peer up at the window above the outside entrance to Snow White’s Enchanted Wish and, if you’re patient, you might see the evil Queen pull aside the velvet drapery to spy on those below.

Which is your favorite dark ride in Fantasyland? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments below!

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