Extreme Backlash as “Woke” ‘Snow White’ Fans “Root for Cancel Culture”

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Snow White

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After the recent article about Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, cancel culture came under the microscope. It’s garnered attention in the United States and internationally through social media and public forums for free speech.

Snow White holding bird in 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'
Credit: Disney

How Fans Reacted to Snow White’s “Cancel Culture”

Cancel culture refers to the effective boycotting of material that changes traditional media. It’s a classic argument of free speech versus changes in culture that mean tweaks to the narrative. For example, changing the race of Snow White and making the seven dwarfs “magical creatures.”

The phenomenon of cancel culture became popular largely thanks to social media, quickly becoming a way for public shaming any political science deviation or public figure who was taking heat that day. Many believe it’s killing Disney. It extends to well-respected publications like the New Yorker and Fox News.

Live-action Snow White actress beside original cartoon
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Extreme Backlash on Social Media and Digital Platforms

The main argument from a person speaking against cancel culture on social media, or in person, is the pursuit of free speech. Examples include Inside the Magic commenters saying*:

*These comments have been edited for brevity and grammar. You can still find the full text online.

“Please save Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, okay? We need to stop the Snow White remake.” –  Cameron M.

“Too many today cry about their feelings and how they feel bullied by society, yet these same groups are destroying our country. Trying hard to fake history. Things need to change before something bad happens.” – BJ

In support of cancel culture, these comments clearly don’t ‘root for cancel culture,’ as seen in the backlash.

Snow White freaked out at Epcot
Credit: Disney / Inside the Magic

Fans “Rooting for Cancel Culture” Rebut in With Drastic Backlash

Disney and Snow White supporters take a different look at free speech in culture. The cancel culture concept, in these views, is a way of supposedly removing harmful content like “stalker-like” romances. The support for “woke” Snow White is abundant. Others noted the success of movies that fall under the cancel culture umbrella:

“All of you who are saying this is trash or “woke” provide no justification for your claims. What is wrong with diversity?” – Steven

“I’m confused, Little Mermaid cleared at least 200 million in profit, and that’s including marketing. Guardians 3 printed money.” – Sean

These supporters, either of the great Greenback or the values of diversity, represent a significant portion of the Disney-watching population.

Cancel culture reference with Peter Dinklage right and Snow White to the left with the seven dwarfs and evil queen
Credit: Disney / Inside the Magic

Free Speech, Cancel Culture, and Snow White

The topic of free speech and cancel culture rarely gets old. It’s the first amendment in the constitution to have free belief and free speech. Yet as a corporate entity, governed not as a public figure but rather as a shareholder-controlled enterprise, the Walt Disney Company has a unique place in cancel culture as a political science topic.

Its access to the masses mirrors Walt Disney’s power to influence, and that means shareholders have a say. The ultimate fate of Snow White, up until it premieres, remains unknown.

What do you think about the “woke” Snow White and the implications of cancel culture? Make your mark in the comments!

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