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Snow White and Rachel Zegler

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  1. Cameron McElroy

    Please save Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs okay. We need to stop Snow White Remake.

    1. You don’t like it That isn’t gonna keep me from seeing it like ing it I just can’t believe you cancelled it i would see it despite what you think of it

      1. Jack Dempsey

        F Disney and thier woke culture. It’s no wonder the company is struggling. ENOUGH ALREADY!

      2. John Doe

        Take a class in basic English, spelling and punctuation.

  2. Gary

    Cancel culture can take a hike they are not wanted in Disney in any capacity at all!

    1. Mr Miller

      You don’t get it Disney own cancel culture they started it lol

    2. Andy

      Here’s an idea. If you don’t want to see it don’t watch it. 🤔

    3. Mpb

      Change the name, if you don’t like the story don’t pretend your remaking it! It’s just false, if you call a dog a cat it really doesn’t make it one does it?

    4. Peg

      I am sooooo over cancel culture. I love Disney. Please make the movie.

  3. RKG

    I have 4 grand children that I love to take to the movies. I promise I will never take them to see this trash. Shame on you Disney for ruining a beautiful fairy tale. You need to get your act together.

    1. Fantasia Tinkerball

      Sadly, Mickey suspects your life will have come to its natural end before this movie sees its first screen.

      1. ML

        How “sensitive” of you.

        This just goes to show how inane and hypocritical the “tinkerballs” of the world are.

        If you want acceptance, how about you recognize you’re not accepting, and it’s you that’s wrong.

        Nah. Too much to ask.

      2. KDM

        And yours may as also…

    2. BJ

      Dirt Brown and 7 freaks it’s just wrong

    3. Too many today cry about their feelings and how they feel bullied by society,yet these same groups are destroying our country.Trying hard to create a fake history.Things need to change before something bad happens.

  4. Mark Davis

    If the reported direction of the film is correct. Just cancel it. I have no desire to see it or anything else Disney does in the future.

  5. Josh

    Couldn’t agree more. Definitely won’t be seeing this.

    1. Mr Beefy

      Yeah, but would you have been seeing it even if it WASN’T a trainwreck? Somehow I doubt that, dude.

      1. Todd Hudson

        I would have

  6. Adam

    Disney and so many other studios need to stop destroying and or changing the classics to fit with modern times. We all know what is happening in the real world and some of us want to just enjoy a great movie without some kind of “wokeness” being shoved down our throats. I would just like to watch a television or movie without this being rammed in front of me. I know that my voice won’t change Hollywood but sometimes I believe ‘if it isn’t broken don’t try and fix it.’

    1. Doug Rebertus

      I couldn’t agree more. If you want to change the story, simply write a new story with the characters you prefer. Leave the old stories alone.

      1. But that would take creativity and original thoughts

    2. Jorell

      How has it been changed? I bet you don’t even know and are just a blind follower.

    3. Terri

      Well said!

    4. Capri

      Have you read the original fairytales these movies are based off of? They are dark.

    5. Steven

      All of you who are saying this is trash or “woke” provide no justification for your claims. What is wrong with diversity?

    6. James


  7. LDW

    one more loss

    1. Ernie

      It’s so sad to see disney destroying all of the famous wonderful family classics that we love watching with our children and grandchildren. I am so glad that we have a great disney movie library of the original movies and the magic that they have when watching them. You are destroying the joy that you once gave to so many families rich or poor you have taken that away from us to give to our children that same magic that we got as kids. We the majority are sick of all this woke trash. How do you justify pleasing the less than 1% of the population shame on you for taking the joy away from the children and from us parents and grandparents as we don’t get to watch the smiles and the pure joy on their faces all because you want to shove a bunch of crazy down our throat that we simply don’t want

      1. Terri

        Cannot agree more. Very well said!

      2. Andy

        It only destroys your joy if you watch it. Why don’t people get this.

        1. Capri


  8. Rob

    Cancel Disney period

  9. Fantasia Tinkerball

    Our sacred texts! The heathens have won! Where oh where is Walt? Dost He create but to abandon? How can He tolerate the deluge of shame? Why does he force all of us to watch?

    1. Andy

      Walt died in 1964.

    2. Capri


  10. Andrew

    Cancel this film. Its a disgrace

  11. Allie

    That young woman just threw this movie and her career right down the toilet.

  12. Steve

    This is why I look forward to the eventual return of the old Studio System of the Golden Age of Hollywood during the 1930s and 40s with all movie stars contracted to the studios. The great Louis B. Mayer never would’ve stood for this behavior.

    1. Mr Beefy

      To be fair, he wouldn’t tolerate black people in his movies either so, you know, he wasn’t COMPLETELY awesome.

      1. Who, me?

        Why not? Black people have done so much for society and crated safe places for all in our biggest cities. Absolute role models.

      2. The Great. Santini

        That’s a total lie what about Uncle Remus there was nothing wrong with Uncle Remus Zippity Doo Dah Zippity you

  13. Marg T

    Wouldn’t watch it if it was free. So many things wrong with it. You should be ashamed.

  14. Johnny Bans

    I’m not rooting for it to be cancelled, rather they revisit it and either a) make it more in line with the original or b) if they want a movie that they feel would be more in line with modern values… make anew movie about that. Disney has the talent and the resources to do so much better than this.

  15. Mary

    Well, here’s another movie from Disney that the grandkids and I won’t be seeing. And with the actress’s attitude. Don’t be looking for her to have a long healthy career.

  16. Ann

    Down with Disney!

    Keep sinking!

  17. STOP destroying a classic! Haven’t you destroyed enough? I was one of the biggest collectors of Disney movies. Not any more, my kids and grandkids don’t even asking they can see a princess movie anymore. You need to know what the people want. Remakes is not it!

  18. William J Umiker

    Listen studios/creators have a choice. They can make art, which means only their vision, and no worries about how it’s recieved or they can worry about guaranteed money. If you want to make sure you want money cater to the largest market possible, if you want art then accept you might not make money.

  19. Sean

    I’m confused little mermaid cleared at least 200 million in profit and that’s including marketing. Guardians 3 printed money

    1. RickTR

      Actually neither one made a profit. Read Iger’s report.

    2. Bill

      Wrong, it has not cleared that much in profit. Domestically it cleared $289m in the box office. Oversees it cleared $275m. The film cost over $500m to make and market. Donestic box office disney clear 50%….overseas they will be lucky to clear 40%, likely 30%, pending the country. Realistically, they are still 100m in the hole for LM remake.

  20. I’m usually not one for canceling, but hard yes you just can’t change a movie from a book that almost 150 yrs old, plus Walt said in documents he doesn’t want any of his films live action so the company has gone against his wishes for yrs.

  21. Renee

    What’s the purpose of even making/changing the story?

    1. Goodriddence

      For Wokeness. Clearly the MC is so bad she bad moith her job. Lmao

  22. Renee

    What’s behind the purpose of even making/changing the story?

    1. Andy

      That story was already changed during the original film.

  23. Nunya

    This is not a new concept to take an old dated story and make it relevant to the times.

  24. Scott

    One more disney live action remake i will never see! The Disney logo only stands for pure greed at this point. Why else remake a classic film that your fans love just the way its always been?

  25. JT

    There won’t be a penny coming out of my pocket to watch this trash and the sassy brat that’s starring in it.

  26. Stan Hart

    What a disgusting destruction of a classic family movie! Boycott all those involved for trying to promote their twisted propaganda and black ball that supposed starlet!!

  27. Sean

    Why can’t Disney just stay to the original classic? You need the 7 dwarfs too.

  28. Bob

    What a disaster

  29. Joan

    Count me in for regrettably turning my tradition-driven love of all things Disney into what is now a total disconnect. Stopped family trips L(at LEAST yearly), no more on-line gift purchases for everyone, no more wearing or using Disney stuff, put away pin collection – makes me so so sad to see the entire essence of “DISNEY ” being trashed and thrown away.

  30. Asia

    This makes the Little Mermaid movie look amazing. At least the storyline of that movie was kept intact!! Completely changing a classic is unnecessary. If Disney wanted to make a movie about a princess being a leader and needing no man to save her why not make a new princess story/film? Why completely change the story of an existing princess?


    I think it’s trash!
    The enjoyable innocence is gone, the beautiful art direction trashed and the story corrupted with fleeting values.

  32. Maddie

    Yes. I am. I am so upset that Rachel Zegler even started playing this role in the first place. Now she’s talking trash on a lifelong classic to SO MANY GENERATIONS!!! Get her out. But honestly it doesn’t matter to me cuz Im not gonna watch this either way.

    1. Took the money for the role and the platform it provided, then took a “moral” stance. Just shows that her values are for sale. Kinda like the USWNT

  33. Wdw

    Go Woke,
    Go Broke

  34. Lyle

    Cancel it

  35. Uncle Tom

    F… off Disney

  36. Dixie

    Personally, I feel like a remake was already done with the move Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts years ago. The plot was switched up a little but all in all it was pretty good.

  37. Dylan

    I think this show of insanity is disgusting and disingenuous. From a life long florida disney pass holder and fan for over the 30 years of my life

  38. Mr Miller

    Good Disney is so Corrupt it isn’t funny, from the pedos that got busted working for them to their leftist agenda, Walt didn’t roll in his grave he stuck his butt out so the current Disney morons could kiss each cheek they should be put out of business…they close down the park for the Kardashians are you kidding we all know how they got famous momma sold her own family out asif she was the pimp, Disney or them = the same thing.

  39. John

    To those defending this movie and Disney, most people don’t want to stop you from enjoying whatever you wish to see.
    That said, if you’re going to go see this movie, thank you in advance for telling Disney you’re okay with them burning their empire to the ground. 🙂

  40. Richard Hurts

    Great way to spin a title. No fans aren’t rooting for cancel culture, they’re begging for sanity in this parody of reality you all have created. Disney unfortunately will be an example of how not to run a business, the Chinese have already gave them up and Americans will as well, rightfully so.

  41. Andy

    Cancel free speech. Than no actress will speak their opinion.

  42. SNogg

    Such narrow minded folk. Watch the old and the new. Just watch the old. Why can’t you let people make up their own minds?


  43. Ellie

    The Little Mermaid was already a slap in the face to any little underrepresented redheaded girl (who don’t wear bad wigs).. this girl isn’t cute and the entitled attitude is awful. Disney hasn’t made anything pleasant since Tangled. Don’t go to the parks or give them an profit after being a fan 35 years..

  44. Matthew Romine

    Sadly with #metoo and wokism all our beloved classic films that we grew up on are gonna me butchered by the left for derogatory content and I am sad bring the disney family back Abby will set it right

    1. The Great. Santini

      Leftists have a destructive personality screwing up Afghanistan ,gas prices ,the Border, taxes ,and now Disney and Disney movies

  45. Xemium

    Im not gonna see this trash!!! Shame on disney for changing it from the original we all know what is going on in the world we dont need this woke crap in the movies…

  46. Gail Drake

    She trashed the Prince in the story who saved her life not a stalker. Makes men the enemy when she was saved by the male hunter who freed and and taken in by 7 male dwarfs. Lol the enemy was another women the stepmother.

  47. ERD

    Hope I never to see Rachel Zegler in any movie ever. Hate every word that comes out of here meat whole.

  48. K

    Has Disney lost ALL it’s magic and imagination? It seems all they know how to do anymore is remake the classics, and keep making sequels. There’s nothing new or imaginative coming from them anymore.

  49. Jeannie

    I don’t know a single friend or relative or workmate where the subject of this movie has come up, wants to go see it. I will not be wasting my money on it either. Leave the classics alone.

  50. Jennifer

    Here’s a thought how about we don’t let social media nitwits control everything. Everyone’s glued to online so generation whine hops on ticktock Facebook etc… Whines about what they think/want, the media takes it and runs with it, and all of a sudden they are the collective countries opinion. The morons do not speak for everyone! Wake up!

  51. WEB


  52. AndyC

    It’s like the whole non meat meat….
    Make the movie if you want to, nobody really cares, but don’t call it something it’s not.
    It’s when you start taking things that people cherish and are used to, change it to suit your own and cram it down our throats.
    Once upon a time, it was accepted to be “different”
    Nobody bothered anyone.
    Now that you demand that we accept you, it’s blowing to on your faces.

  53. I suspect what the lead character said about the movie, is what Disney says behind closed doors. They never expected her to say out loud what they say in secret though. DEI strikes again

  54. J

    All those old Disney should never see the light of day anyway. Women needing saving by men to live again is not the message that mo ies need to keep redoing. Kudos to Brave for having a princess that went against the tide. We need more Disney movies like that. We don’t even need the old movies redone with princesses of a different race, but with princesses that do not lose who they are for love. Send the right message to little girls.

  55. Aaron Barrabo

    What Disney’s doing is cultural appropriation.

  56. Hayley

    Maybe do an original story about the dwarfs or the evil Queen as to why she’s evil. I think this worked for the film Maleficent. Loved this film and then the live action films got okay and then bad. Loved beauty and the beast, Aladdin was okay and I didn’t like lion king at all. Little mermaid was good and stuck to the base of the story. Didn’t change her personality as much. Good luck Disney, I’m a feminist and love films like Tangled, Brave and Incredibles but you’re now going to political. Disney was and still is for kids. You’re losing sight of that.

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