Rachel Zegler Trashes ‘Snow White’ Remake, Calls Male Lead a “Stalker”

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Snow White's true love's kiss

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Disney’s live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is possibly one of the most reviled projects to come out of the studio in years, and more reports continue to drag it through the mire. However, it’s not just the fans that openly detest the film.

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Rachel Zegler, who has been cast as the film’s titular heroine, has already made a few unsettling comments about the film, but a recent clip sharing her thoughts on the remake doesn’t exactly help her case. Not only has the actress completely missed the original’s point and plot, but she blatantly insults both versions of the film.

Zegler Slays Snow White with Tone Deaf Commentary


Snow White’s Rachel Zegler feels The Prince in the original is a creepy stalker

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It’s already been confirmed that Disney’s upcoming remake has essentially lost the plot and it reportedly has little to nothing to do with the original animated film, but Zegler has just added insult to injury with her take shared by @moviemaniacs. Not only does her tone absolutely rip into the original’s love story, but she practically wants her male co-star’s scenes cut from the completed project.

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The remake already has a reputation reportedly dripping with male hatred, but the way Zegler has talked about the movie and Snow White’s original love story is absolutely saturated with bile for the emotional masterpiece that started it all.

Snow White and Rachel Zegler
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Some of the most die-hard Disney fans are already openly and outright against the movie, and its leading lady is doing absolutely nothing to help the situation. If we were the directors from a certain magical studio, we’d highly consider renegotiating her contract.

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Judging by the video, Rachel Zegler might be better suited for the Evil Queen rather than her co-star, Gal Gadot. Additionally, her comments about cutting all of Andrew Burnap’s scenes are incredibly offensive to Snow White’s new supposed love interest. If Disney is looking to recapture the magic of the original, this is far from the right way to do it.

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