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Snow White's true love's kiss

Credit: Disney


  1. Why would anyone try to remake this tail. This one of Walt Disney’s masterpieces. Don’t add insult to injury. The company has already lost a billion dollars.

  2. Who, me?

    Our country and culture is devolving and devoid of common sense. Who knew that the movie
    “Idiocracy” was a documentary…

  3. rex

    These Hollywood mannequins believe themselves to be so intelligent and erudite yet NOT one of them can write a worthwhile story on their own.
    Pathetic Golem’s.

  4. William

    Stop calling the original animated prince a necrophile and a staker. If she really didn’t want him, she wouldn’t have pass a kiss to him via dove at film start nor sing to the Drawfs about wanting to see him again. His kiss was meant to be a Farewell Kiss before he joined the Dwarves in mourning.
    Besides the animated prince was actually an improvement over the original fairy tale because 1937 Prince and Snow White met at least one time as opposed to the original fairy tale where the prince literally comes out of nowhere and tried to marry her when she was only seven as opposed to 1937 Snow White who was 14.

    Besides, if he didn’t kiss Snow White, the spell would never be broken and she would never awaken. Stop blaming the original animated movie. If you have a problem with “non-consent” because she was asleep, go read the three-part comic that was published a few years ago. That adaptation had it so the animated Snow White and her Prince first meet at an younger age long before the Wishing Well at Movie’s start and even had completely aware even when she fell into the sleeping death where she actually does give consent to the prince to kiss her awake

  5. Suck it up

    From one man to another, you are a weak-minded and foul person. She’s more successful than you ever will be which is hilarious.

    1. Nick

      Yeesh, pot calling the kettle black. Does labeling strangers as weak and foul make you feel more virtuous than those you disagree with? At least Zach thinks before he speaks, and feels obliged enough to actually explain his thoughts and not just state his feelings; you seem to wear your heart on your sleeve with the express purpose of insulting others. Respectable people rise above, petty people throw stones.

      You sound like less of a man and more of a boy.

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