‘Deadpool 3’ Cuts Two Fan-Favorite Characters

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In multiple interviews, some actors have confirmed that they will not be reprising their iconic characters in Deadpool & Wolverine (2024), much to the chagrin of the fanbase.

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Marvel fans are ecstatic for Deadpool & Wolverine to finally come to theaters, largely because of the massive amount of iconic characters making their return, including Deadpool/Wade Wildon (Ryan Reynolds), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), Dopinder (Karan Soni), Peter (Rob Delaney), and, potentially, Professor X (Patrick Stewart).

While it’s exciting that so many characters are returning, that doesn’t mean everyone is coming back. Unfortunately, two of the best characters in the series won’t be returning for the third film.

Two Beloved Characters Not Returning in ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’

Cable and Domino from Deadpool 2
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Deadpool & Wolverine promises multiple returning faces as well as some rumored new ones like Daniel Radcliffe, Taron Egerton, and Taylor Swift. However, it looks like it may be coming at the cost of two of the best characters in Deadpool 2 (2018): Josh Brolin’s Cable and Zazie Beetz’s Domino.

Back in June 2023, the Joker: Folie à Deux (2024) actor confirmed that she was not going to return as the luckiest member of the X-Force when she was asked about the improvisation that could happen on set, saying, “Well I’m actually not in Deadpool 3, so I don’t know what they’re doing [about improvisation]. I’m assuming they’re probably taking a pause. […] I’m excited to watch it.” This was particularly surprising because she is normally tight-lipped when it comes to potential spoilers.

Deadpool hugging Domino and Cable on the poster for Deadpool 2
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Brolin was similarly blunt about his return. While promoting Dune 2 (2024), the Avengers: Infinity War (2018) actor was asked during an interview with Collider about Cable’s return to Deadpool & Wolverine and, if not, why. “No. I don’t know,” replied the Avengers: Endgame (2019) actor. “Because Ryan [Reynolds] doesn’t like me?”

While that’s likely not the case (he’s not TJ Miller, after all), it’s still sad to see him and Beetz not in the movie. Hopefully, there will be an X-Force series down the line, giving Domino and Cable a chance to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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