Sydney Sweeney Accused of Lying About Being a Universal Studios Tour Guide

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Sydney Sweeney crying in Euphoria

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In a recent interview, Sydney Sweeney discussed her old jobs, including being a tour guide on the Universal Studios Backlot Tour. However, many current guides have called out the Madame Web (2024) actress.

Sydney Sweeney in both Euphoria and Madame Web
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Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney is one of the most popular stars in Hollywood right now. After breaking out in television series like Everything Sucks! and The Handmaid’s Tale with Elisabeth Moss, Sweeney gained critical acclaim with Emmy-nominated performances in White Lotus with Jennifer Coolidge and the aforementioned Euphoria. Soon, she began starring in feature films like Reality (2023) as Reality Winner and Anyone But You (2024) with co-star Glen Powell.

But not everyone starts as a successful actor. Like countless struggling actors before her, Sweeney worked odd jobs to make ends meet. However, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) actress seems to have been caught in a lie.

Sydney Sweeney Claims To Have Worked As a Universal Studios Tour Guide, But Did She?

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney looking awkwardly into the distance in Anyone But You
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Recently, Sydney Sweeney appeared on Hot Ones to promote her upcoming film Madame Web. On the second-to-last wing, the host Sean Evans asked about her experience as a Universal Tour Guide, specifically if she had a “favorite tour fun fact.” Sweeney responded by not answering the question.

“I was a struggling actor in high school, and I had to pay all my own bills… I love [the] tour guides at Universal. I memorized the entire thing, so I was there for a little bit. And then I actually booked Sharp Objects (2018).”


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This is a great story and inspiration for anyone trying to make it in Hollywood, except that multiple Universal Studios Tour Guides have said she’s lying.

Looking into the comments section, many current and former Universal Tour Guides have come forward saying that she is lying. One tour guide came at it positively, saying, “Tour guide here! She was never a tour guide; we fact-checked. But thanks for the shout-out, Sydney!” Another guide said, “Hi, another tour guide here! Can confirm, after a very deep dive, that she was never a guide. Someone who was a guide and has gone to do some really cool work is Hunter Doohan on Wednesday.”

A tram on the Universal Studios Studio Tour going through plane crash debris
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All of these commenters also had plenty of evidence to support them. For one, you must be 18 years old to be a tour guide. While it is possible to be in high school and 18, it is unlikely you’d be hired to work a job at Universal Studios Hollywood, especially since guides have to attend classes and training that takes place during weekdays.

Second, multiple guides working at Universal Studios Hollywood would have been around when Sydney Sweeney worked there. Still, no one remembers working or training with her, as confirmed by TikTokers Trang Dong and Becca Murray. Some even checked personnel records, and Sweeney’s name didn’t come up.

Sydney Sweeney crying in front of a curtain with roses on it
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What’s especially strange is that this isn’t the first time she’s talked about this or dodged the question, having spoken about this with Kelly Clarkson on her talk show and sharing this info with Women’s Health Magazine.

These new revelations bring more questions than answers. Why would Sydney Sweeney specifically lie about having worked at Universal Studios? And what was she hoping to gain from this? While it’s a harmless lie overall, it’s still strange that someone would make this up when it doesn’t benefit them whatsoever.

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