Universal Studios Is Making Changes to Its Iconic Backlot Tour This Year

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A Universal Studios tour tram passes through a simulated disaster scene with dramatic special effects and scattered debris, providing visitors with an immersive entertainment experience.

Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

This year marks 60 years of Universal Studios Hollywood’s World-Famous Studio Tour – and the park is gearing up to make some big changes for the occasion.

Technically the first Universal theme park attraction in the world, The Studio Tour launched in July 1964 as a way to give guests a backstage glimpse at the behind-the-scenes magic of a working film studio. With every ride offering a different experience, it remains one of the most popular attractions at the park even decades after it first opened.

The Universal Studios Hollywood transport
Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

As its Diamond Anniversary approaches, Universal has announced that an “exciting program” of events will be launched this spring and summer to celebrate the tour’s history.

2024 celebrates the Studio Tour’s milestone 60 years, the more than 200 million guests who have experienced this attraction and, ultimately, Universal Studios Hollywood’s storied history. More information will be shared soon highlighting the exciting program planned for spring and summer in support of the Studio Tour’s 60th anniversary.

Jupiter's Claim on the Backlot Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood
Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

While the park park is yet to divulge the exact details, it’s expected to add new entertainment to the tour.

To prepare guests for these changes, Universal shared images of past changes to hit the attraction over the years – all the way from its initial “Glamor Trams” where tourists could “see film rushes of current productions, both feature and television, being made at Universal City” in the 1960s, to its ever-increasing fleet of electronic trams taking guests through decades of film history.

Archive picture of the Universal Studio Tour
Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

As of 2024, film sets currently visited on the tour include those for Back to the Future (1985), War of the Worlds (2005), Nope (2022), and Psycho (1960), as well as general purpose sets used for the likes of Desperate Housewives and staged experiences inspired by the likes of Jurassic Park (1993), Jaws (1975), Earthquake (1974), and the King Kong and Fast & Furious franchises.

The Earthquake portion of the Studio Tour is currently under refurbishment and is set to reopen in Spring 2024. Earlier this month, eagle-eyed guests spotted some mystery construction going on around the Psycho area of the attraction, sparking discussion of whether Universal was adding a new stop the tour (although sound proofing walls or solar panels are the more likely reality).

Stay tuned for more updates on changes hitting the attraction this year.

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