Op-Ed: Rachel Zegler Removed After ‘Snow White’ Drama

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Rachel Zegler in West Side Story and Snow White together

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Rachel Zegler continues to make headlines after recent events surrounding the Snow White remake, but could her cold comments, enormous ego, and bad backstage behavior be getting in the way of her new and upcoming projects?

Star of Disney's live-action Snow White remake Rachel Zegler in front of the seven dwarfs.
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Disney fans undoubtedly have a certain level of loathing for Rachel Zegler after multiple incidents and comments surfaced from the set of Snow White. From absolutely trashing the emotional original by Walt Disney to calling the prince and her co-star a stalker, she’s definitely not making any friends at the house of mouse.

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That all being said, Zegler has not completely blacklisted herself out of Hollywood (yet), and she still has several projects lined up in the near future. After serving her term as an official Disney Princess, she will be joining forces with John Lasseter’s Skydance Studio as Princess Ellian in the upcoming Spellbound. However, she won’t be able to outrun the past.

Snow White Drama Ruins Rachel Zegler

Rachel Zegler's Lucy in the Hunger Games prequel
Credit: Lionsgate

While the biggest title under Zegler’s belt will undoubtedly be the Snow White remake, it’s not for the right reasons. Rather than be remembered for her performance in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of West Side Story, her behavior surrounding the Disney production will undoubtedly linger with her for the rest of her professional life.

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The actress’s actions have been nothing short of scandalous since the early days of Snow White’s development. While removing the dwarves might have been one of the first ill omens, Zegler’s reportedly hellacious behavior on and off set might be what seals her fate.

Paddington bear as he appeared in the live action adaptation.
Credit: StudioCanal

Although already embarking on new projects, Zegler recently made headlines due to her departure from the third Paddington film, Paddington in Peru. The Hollywood Reporter had this to say regarding the announcement,

There’s also been a cast switch, with Rachel Zegler now unable to join the film due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, according to StudioCanal. In her place, newcomer Carlo Tous will play the role of Gina Cabot.

Although the report lists the SAG-AFTRA strike as the reason for her departure, one can’t help but wonder if her recent behavior on Disney’s set could have a role to play in the decision.  Casting a controversial figure in the film industry can often be box-office poison, and Zegler has done little to help her case.

Rachel Zegler in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes
Credit: Lionsgate

Despite her pedigree featuring titles like West Side Story, Shazam: Fury of the Gods, and Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Zegler’s name has an unsavory association due to the Disney backlash. It might be the case that she is simply reaping what she has sown.

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Hollywood execs know that consumers are where the money comes from, and if the response surrounding Snow White is to be believed, it might be safe to assume that Zegler didn’t make the decision to step down 100% on her own. In this writer’s opinion, someone severed the tie to prevent a repeat performance.

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