Disney Tries To Save ‘Snow White’ By Restoring It

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Evil Queen as an Old Crone giving Snow White the poisoned apple

Credit: Disney

To say that Snow White is steeped in controversy is an understatement. However, it looks like the Walt Disney Company is attempting to restore some good faith with a newly restored version of the film.

Rachel Zegler pretending to be Snow White in front of a poster of the classic animated princess
Credit: Rachel Zegler via Twitter

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If you were to guess what Disney’s most controversial film was, there’d be a few contenders. Maybe you’d say it’s Turning Red (2022) because of its themes around puberty or The Little Mermaid (1989) because of its phallic cover art. Or maybe it’s the plethora of movies that are downright racist.

Nowadays, the answer is simple: Snow White (2024). Despite not being released yet, many fans are upset about this particular live-action remake. Not only is there the issue of recasting all of the dwarfs, but many people are furious at star Rachel Zegler for her comments regarding how scared she was of the original film and the feminist changes made to the story.

Needless to say, Snow White has gotten beat up by many media outlets. Now, it seems like Disney is in recovery mode since they are releasing a new remastered version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).

‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ is Coming to Your Home

Evil Queen as an Old Crone in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Credit: Disney

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Much like many Disney classics before it, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is getting the 4K treatment. As part of Disney celebrating its 100th anniversary, they’re releasing a brand-new edition of the film similar to the 4K Ultra HD release of Cinderella (1950) that came out this week.

The remastered version of the classic film will be available on Amazon on October 10. You can also find unique versions of the film at select retailers. For example, Best Buy will have an exclusive steel book version, and Walmart will sell a version that comes with an exclusive pin.

snow white and seven dwarfs dancing in cottage
Credit: Disney

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The project is being helmed by Disney animation legend Eric Goldberg and Michael Giaimo, who is known for his work on Pocahontas (1995), Frozen (2013 ), Frozen II (2019), and the upcoming Wish (2023). According to Walt Disney Studios, this is part of their initiative to restore many of their classic films from the original nitrate negatives into new physical formats so that the movies won’t be lost to history.

While it may surprise people that Disney is releasing a remastered version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs since so many people are accusing the company of erasing it, it makes sense. Not only does this serve as a way to advertise the upcoming live-action remake, but it also shows the cynics that Disney still loves its first feature-length film.

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