“Make a New Film,” Disney Legend Slams “Woke” Snow White

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The trend of Disney legends bashing the upcoming live-action remake Snow White (2024) continues as a legendary lyricist enters the fray. However, his criticisms seem to be much more thought out.

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The first feature-length animated film ever made, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), is considered an all-time classic. Not only did it change the world of cinema forever, but it put the Walt Disney Company on the map, helping it become the media juggernaut it is today.

Recently, that company has come under fire due to choices made in their upcoming live-action remake of the innovative film called Snow White, starring Rachel Zegler as the titular princess and Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen. It has been called out by news personalities on both sides of the political spectrum and multiple famous figures from Disney’s past for its casting decisions and the changes it has made to the iconic original.

Most recently, the new film has been called into question by lyricist Tim Rice, who is generally unhappy with live-action Disney.

Tim Rice Thinks Disney Live-Action Remakes Don’t Work

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Sir Tim Rice is one of the most successful lyricists in the history of musical theatre, working with Andrew Lloyd Webber, Elton John, and Alan Menken to create such classics as Jesus Christ Superstar (1970), Evita (1976), Beauty and the Beast (1994), Aida (2000), and the stage adaptation of Aladdin (2011). He also worked on multiple Disney films, including The Lion King (1994) and the live-action remakes of Beauty and the Beast (2017), Aladdin (2019), and The Lion King (2019).

In an interview with GB News, Rice was asked about his opinions on Disney live-action remakes, particularly whether Snow White represents the Walt Disney Company moving in the wrong direction. “I was very involved with Lion King, which was remade. And that was an exception to most of the rules because it’s obviously a film, a story, that doesn’t have a princess in it, and it was more or less an original story the first time round.”

Simba in Lion King (1994), Simba in Lion King (2019)
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He continued, “I didn’t think the live-action so-called version worked as well as the cartoon, partly because it’s extremely difficult to make animals – even though the whole thing was constructed and, in a way, was a sort of cartoon itself – make real-looking animals have expressions. It was almost impossible. And a lot of humor seemed to go from the film, I felt.”

Soon, the legendary lyricist changed his focus toward the upcoming Snow White, saying, “The story, as I understand it… is being changed so much: the characters are being changed, the dwarves are not all dwarves. And you think, ‘Why call [Snow White] a remake? Why not just make a new film with an exciting new story?'” This is a fair point, especially considering that Disney’s most successful film recently, Elemental (2023), is an original story.

Tim Rice Asks, “Why Call It ‘Snow White’?”

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In the end, the big issue for Tim Rice came down to why Disney is saying Snow White is a remake if they’re changing so much of it.”I think you have to take in the views of today. But you shouldn’t be completely high-bound by them. I don’t think, for example, the 1937 version of Snow White is a bad film now because it reflects and reflected its time. And it was sincerely made and extraordinarily popular… And you can’t do that again now. Why would you want to?”

Rice continued, “My only question, in a way, is, why call it Snow White? Why not make a brand-new film with an exciting story? Which perhaps they’ve done. I haven’t seen the film yet. If it’s a good story, well told, it should reflect, and automatically will reflect, the views of today.”

In the end, Sir Tim Rice absolutely nails it on the head. With so many changes to the original story, why call Snow White a remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Instead of saying this new version is a remake of the classic film updated, just say that it is a reinterpretation or reimagining of the classic tale. By doing the former, you’re just asking to start a fight.

What’s particularly interesting is that the reinterpretation concept has worked in the past. In 2012, audiences were greeted with a new interpretation of the Snow White story, Snow White and the Huntsman (2012). While it was much more action-packed and focused more on the Huntsman character, it was successful enough at the box office to inspire a sequel.

That being said, no one can really judge the film until they’ve seen it, something Rice noted many times during the interview. Really, people cannot and shouldn’t make final judgments on the movie until they’ve actually seen it.

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