‘Even Stevens’ Star Almost Went to Disney Jail

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Christy Carlson Romano in a pink top performing "We Went To The Moon" on Even Stevens

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In a shocking revelation, a star from the classic Disney Channel show Even Stevens (2000-2003) revealed that they almost went to Disney Jail for a sultry incident at Disneyland.

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Even Stevens was one of the most popular Disney Channel TV shows in the early 2000s, alongside Lizzie McGuire (2001-2004), and That’s So Raven (2003-2007). The show starred Shia LaBeouf and Christy Carlson Romano as siblings Louis Stevens and Ren Stevens as they try and navigate high school. The series featured memorable characters, including Donnie Stevens (Nick Spano), Alan Twitty (A.J. Trauth), Tawny Dean (Margo Harshman), Ruby Mendel (Lauren Frost), Coach Tugnut (Jim Wise), and Beans (Stephen Anthony Lawrence).

Stars Christy Carlson Romano, Nick Spano, and Stephen Anthony Lawrence began a podcast called Even More Stevens, where they discuss episodes and memories from their days on set. And in a recent episode, one of them shared a story about how they almost landed in Disney Jail.

Beans From ‘Even Stevens’ Left Co-Stars “Mouths Agape” With Disney Jail Story

Beans from Even Stevens scratching his chin
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On the Even More Stevens Podcast, Steven Anthony Lawrence, the actor who played Bernard “Beans” Aranguren on the show, revealed that he was almost sent to Disney Jail while visiting Disneyland Resort. While on the Haunted Mansion ride, he and his then-girlfriend decided to do what teenagers do.

“So we’re on the Haunted Mansion, me and my girlfriend at the time,” said Lawrence. “It’s a little dark in there. We’re two hot and bothered teenagers getting a little fun, right? So we’re getting a little hot and frisky in the Haunted Mansion. Eventually, the ride stops and the lights come up.”


Hanky-panky in the Haunted Mansion?! @Steven Lawrence was a naughty ghost 👻 Tune into Episode 21 of the #EvenMoreStevensPod for more hilarious stories! #evenstevens #disneyland #millennials #fyp #foryou

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Already, co-hosts Christy Carlson Romano and Nick Spano are reacting to the story, relating to the teenage awkwardness that comes with it. However, things only get more uncomfortable.

“An announcer comes on,” Lawrence continued. “The announcer goes, ‘Sorry for the interruption, folks. It seems we have some naughty ghosts in our midsts.’ That is the announcement that comes on when you get in trouble for doing the hanky panky in the Haunted Mansion.”

Afterward, Steven Anthony Lawrence was approached by security and reprimanded for getting “frisky” in the Haunted Mansion. The actor definitely got off lucky, especially when you look at what happened to other celebrities who got in trouble with the House of Mouse, including Rebel Wilson and Blake Lively.

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