After Getting Banned From Park, Rebel Wilson Isn’t Getting Married at Disney

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Rebel Wilsonad her party for the Fluid app

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After blowing up for telling the story about how she was banned at Disneyland, Rebel Wilson has revealed that she and her partner, Ramona Agruma, will not be having their Disney dream wedding.

Left: Rebel Wilson holds her fiancee's hand, showing off a large diamond ring, as the pair kiss. Right: Rebel and her fiance, both blonde women, kneel in a pile of cherry blossoms in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.
Credit: Rebel Wilson Instagram (@rebelwilson)

Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress known for appearing in comedies like Bridesmaids (2011), Senior Year (2022), Cats (2019), and for playing Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect series. Despite her success in entertainment, she has become more famous recently for recounting an unfortunate tale about the Happiest Place On Earth, Disneyland.

According to Wilson on an episode of The Daily Show (1996-present), she was banned from Disneyland because she took a selfie in the bathroom of Club 33, Disneyland’s most exclusive dining establishment. Fortunately, Wilson has maintained a relationship with the Walt Disney Company, even working with CEO Bob Iger to propose to her fiancée Ramona Agruma.

Knowing that she and her partner are such big Disney fans, it only made sense when it was reported that the two of them would be having their Disney dream wedding at the beloved Park. However, Rebel Wilson quickly shut those rumors down.

Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma Won’t Exchange Vows at Disneyland

Mickey and Minnie Kiss
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While at a party celebrating the launch of her new dating app Fluid, Rebel Wilson addressed the rumors that she and her fiancée Ramona Agruma would have a fairy tale wedding at The Happiest Place On Earth.

According to TMZ, Wilson said that while she was thankful that Park officials roped off a special place in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle for the magical moment to occur, the couple has no plans of actually having the ceremony take place at Disneyland Resort.

Rebel Wilson kissing her fiancee
Credit: Rebel Wilson Instagram

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Rebel Wilson also pointed out that this wasn’t because of her previous ban. In fact, the ban was a few years ago, only lasted 30 days, and Disney let the ban start whenever she wanted.

It only makes sense that Wilson has maintained a good relationship with the Walt Disney Company. While she hasn’t starred in any Disney movies or television series, she has starred in two Disney musicals at the Hollywood Bowl. In 2016, she played Ursula in The Little Mermaid; in 2018, she played LeFou in Beauty and the Beast.

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