Disney Announces “Woke” Change to ‘Peter Pan’ Attraction

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Peter Pan fighting Captain Hook on Peter Pan's Flight at Tokyo Disneyland, a beloved Disney attraction

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Disney has apparently yielded to controversy, as the company recently announced a “woke” upgrade to its Peter Pan attraction.

For over a year, Disney has been embroiled in a political and legal battle against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis following the company’s decision to “go woke” after refusing to back up DeSantis’ divisive Parental Rights in Education bill — commonly known as “Don’t Say Gay.”

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The Walt Disney Company has since received severe backlash from audiences and even national and international news outlets accusing it of “aggressively pushing woke garbage in our faces.” Additionally, the company has stirred divisive opinions surrounding Disney CEO Bob Iger’s latest statements.

Johnny Depp and Disney CEO Bob Iger during the 2015 Disney Legends Awards at D23 symbolizing Depp's involvement in a new Disney project
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Disney’s content has been the most affected by these claims and accusations, forcing the company to modify “harmful” classics amid drastic changes being made to the company’s streaming service. But the debate doesn’t stop there.

Following a controversial incident at Disneyland Resort, fans have demanded that Disney change the beloved attraction Peter Pan’s Flight at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park, with the divisive request rekindling after the closure of Splash Mountain at both theme parks. And it appears that the constant pressure has triggered a new “woke” change at Disney parks.

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Disney officials recently announced the latest details about Fantasy Springs, an all-new land inspired by Peter Pan, Frozen, Tangled, and Tinker Bell opening next year at Tokyo DisneySea. While the news about new rides, attractions, and more were exciting, a recent change might trigger a new debate surrounding Peter Pan and its attraction.

Theme park digital journalist Scott Gustin (@ScottGustin) shared Disney’s official descriptions of the upcoming rides on Twitter, per a news release, detailing the following about Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure: “Guests join the Lost Kids, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell on an epic adventure through Never Land to rescue John from Captain Hook and his pirates. By boarding a boat and wearing goggles, guests will be able to enjoy this attraction in 3D.”

Peter Pan's Never Land at Tokyo Disney Resort's Fantasy Springs
Credit: Disney

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In this announcement, Disney used the term “Lost Kids” to refer to the “Lost Boys” from the 1953 Disney classic, most likely to promote inclusion.

However, it is unclear if the use of the term “Lost Kids” will involve changes to the identities of Peter Pan’s beloved gang (as it did in the Disney+ original live-action adaptation of the animated classic), the creation of new characters for the ride, or if the term will simply be used to make guests of all gender identities feel included while experiencing the upcoming attraction.

Peter Pan & Wendy, Lost Boys
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More on the upcoming Peter Pan attraction

Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure will be one of the four brand-new attractions to open at Tokyo DisneySea’s latest expansion, Fantasy Springs. The land will also be home to rides inspired by Disney’s award-winning movie Frozen (Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey), Tangled (Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival), and the movie series inspired by Tinker Bell (Fairy Tinkerbell’s Busy Buggy).

Guests flying above Neverland aboard a pirate boat on Peter Pan's Flight, a beloved attraction at Tokyo Disneyland
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Additionally, Tokyo Disneyland is home to the beloved classic ride Peter Pan’s Flight — which can also be found at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park.

Do you believe Disney will modify the beloved Peter Pan characters for this ride? Should the company make similar changes in America? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments below!

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