Disney’s Cost-Cutting Breaks New Borders, Millions Affected

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Disney’s cost-cutting continues to shock, as a new measure is set to break new borders affecting millions of fans.

Disney continues to be on a roller coaster regarding public scrutiny. While some of the latest decisions of the company have been applauded and praised, others have rekindled age-old debates and fueled the idea that “Disney is losing its magic.”

Unfortunately, the next step in the company’s cost-cutting strategies is set to break new borders and impact already decreasing numbers.

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Disney officials have announced upcoming international measures to crack down on Disney+ password sharing, dealing a massive blow to the company’s streaming service. Following these bold measures, recent reports state that the next step in Disney’s cost-cutting strategies will impact millions of fans worldwide.

Disney CEO Bob Iger’s latest statements have stirred divisive opinions worldwide, as the company plans to cut costs in several areas, including its streaming service and how it offers content, axing international dubbing for most of its original series and movies.

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Latin America will be one of the most affected areas by these measures, as dubbing in the region is an essential part of content distribution, with audiences preferring to enjoy content in their native language.

Should Disney enforce these measures, they could severely affect the perceived quality of Disney+ and its content, as viewers would find it more difficult to empathize with characters and understand the plot of the different Disney+ original series and movies.

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Disney’s decision to axe international dubbing comes from seeking ways to reduce costs and increase profitability and competitiveness in the growing streaming market.

Reports say only some Disney+ original series and movies are being dubbed into other languages, mostly the content that is believed to be most successful, and this trend is likely to continue.

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Disney will likely continue evaluating different strategies to balance cost efficiency and viewer satisfaction, as losing more Disney+ subscribers would surely be counterproductive for the company — particularly after losing millions.

However, there is no official timeline for these measures, should Disney decide to enforce them, and how they would affect viewers’ experiences is yet to be seen.

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