Disney+ Set to Limit Password Sharing, Effective This Year

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Disney+ subscribers could be affected by the company’s plans to limit password sharing on the streaming platform.

As The Walt Disney Company continues to struggle with the ongoing legal battle against Florida Governor Ron DeSantisheavily impacting the company and Gov. DeSantis’ image — and CEO Bob Iger — who recently made a shocking announcement regarding his careerfaces severe backlash after making controversial statements regarding the current WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, it would appear that The Walt Disney Company is gearing up to take a massive step which could affect its streaming subscribers.

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For some time, the company has been forced to make drastic decisions, including ceasing all broadcasts from Disney Channel. And in an unexpected turn of events, Disney is reportedly analyzing new measures to limit password sharing on its streaming platform.

According to a report from Reuters, Disney+ Hotstar — The Walt Disney Company’s streaming service in India — is planning to start enforcing a policy of limiting the number of devices premium subscribers can log in from, slashing the account’s benefits by over 50%.

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Per the report, users are currently allowed to log in from as many as ten devices. However, once these new measures are enforced, the number of permitted devices will be slashed to four. Disney+ Hotstar has reportedly tested this new policy internally and has plans to start implementing the drastic measure later this year to limit the number of devices users can log in from and aim to limit password sharing on the Indian streaming platform.

Industry data positions Disney+ Hotstar as the Indian market leader in subscribers, with approximately 50 million users. Disney allegedly hopes the upcoming measure will incentivize more users to acquire their own subscription to the streaming platform, increasing this number. However, the new policy could backfire, causing a significant loss in revenue for The Walt Disney Company.

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This new measure was reportedly pushed back since internal studies showed that only 5% of premium subscribers logged in from over four devices. However, as The Walt Disney Company explores options to sell or find a joint venture partner for its India streaming platform, it seems like this new policy is imminent.

Do you expect Disney to enforce a similar measure in America soon? Would you keep your Disney+ subscription if the company tried to limit password sharing? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments below!

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