Decapitated Mickey Ruins Magic at Disney Parks

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It’s practically common knowledge that the Cast Members and Character Performers are the true stars of any Disney Parks vacation. Whether it’s to Disneyland or the Walt Disney World Resort, the Parks and hotels simply don’t function without them. However, they can also occasionally ruin the magic.

Mickey at Topolino's Terrace
Credit: Disney

Disney’s incredibly talented cast of character performers are what truly give life to places like the Magic Kingdom, taking Mickey, Minnie, and all their friends from the screen to the realms of reality. However, recent footage surfaced on TikTok that completely spoils Disney’s maintained illusions.

More Illegal Disney Parks Videos Leak on Socials


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Recent posts on TikTok have shown Disney performers breaking the cardinal rule of never being seen out of character. Leaked footage on the app has shown Disney Characters stripping out of their costumes, removing their masks and headpieces, and engaging in decisively non-Disney behavior.

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Posts by the user @Illegal Disney have leaked onto TikTok, only to be taken down a short while later. However, users like @_disney._stuff_ continue to post backstage content that paint Disney characters and their performers in a negative light. It’s one thing to see Mickey and the gang breaking character, but to see them essentially decapitate themselves is a bit disturbing.

To be fair, most Guests know going in that the characters are still just human Cast Members in elaborate costumes, but part of going to Disney in the first place is to have that suspense of belief. What good is going to a magic show if we all know how it’s done, right?


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While it’s certainly interesting to see what happens to the costumes when not in use, the footage of severed heads and skinned animal characters definitely shouldn’t be witnessed by any younger guests with a Parks trip in their future.

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The videos being posted by the previously mentioned users aren’t just pulling the curtain back on the Disney Parks, there’s likely something illegal at work as well.

Mickey on a carousel
Credit: Inside the Magic

In short, these posts feel like something fans shouldn’t have access to. Intentionally or not, these accounts are spoiling the effects of Disney’s trademarked magic.

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What most of us likely want to know is how long will it be before Disney themselves get involved with the clips coming out of their Parks? While none of the cast members involved can be identified, it wouldn’t be surprising if this was some sort of breach of contract.

Do you think Disney should take action against these performers? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!


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