Disney Characters Go Wild in Illegal Cast Member Video

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Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, as portrayed at Walt Disney World.

Credit: Disney

Regarding the Parks, the Disney characters are one of the biggest elements that help separate places like Disneyland and Walt Disney World from the realm of reality. It takes a special type of Cast Member to truly bring these beloved faces of the silver screen to life, and it’s not as easy as just slipping into a costume. However, things are 50 shades of strange behind closed doors.

Mickey at Topolino's Terrace
Credit: Disney

Whether you’ve worked for the Parks or not, most know there’s a particular code of conduct for Disney character performers. Performers must always stay in character while in the audience’s presence. However, once that door closes, it’s a whole different story.

Leaked Video Shows Cast Member Behavior Backstage

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger posing together at a character meet and greet
Credit: Disney

It’s not easy being a Disney Cast Member, and that’s especially true if they are one of the chosen few who portray Mickey, Minnie, and all their animated friends. The character performers undergo extensive training to best represent the image and values of the Disney Parks, but they’re still human under those giant mascot heads.

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Like anyone working at a Disney Park, characters have their own spaces and dressing rooms away from the public’s eye where they ready themselves for the public and take a break after each performance. While they must remain in character when mingling with Guests, what happens when they’re not around paying customers is a bit disturbing.

Disney Characters at Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Resort in California
Credit: Disney

The aptly named @illegaldisney shared a very NSFW video (that was recently taken down) of Pluto, Nick Wilde, and various other Meet and Greet favorites behaving outrageously out of character in what appears to be a breakroom setting. Obviously, this was all out of the public’s view, but the fact that it made it to a platform like TikTok feels all sorts of illegal.

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Despite all Cast Members involved being fully masked, this  has to be in violation of some Disney code. What’s even more remarkable is the amount of users in the comments who claim the accuracy of the footage above. On one level, this is absolutely hysterical, but it feels like an absolute fever dream at the same time.

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