Former Disney Cast Member Tells All About Toxic Behavior Among Character Performers

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Tigger & Pooh, with a picture of one of many former disney character performers speaking into the camera while she does her makeup.

Disney character performers bring the magic of our favorite stories to life at the Disney Parks, from meeting Mickey Mouse at Walt’s beloved Disneyland Resort to finding Sleeping Beauty in EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort. But according to one former Disneyland Paris Cast Member, your cherished character meet-and-greets may have involved some twisted secrets.

TikToker and former Cast Member Tatty (@tattylomas) recently shared some behind-the-scenes knowledge from her time working for The Mouse:


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Tatty explained that almost all the Disneyland Paris character performers were in their late teens or mid-twenties.

“18 to 25-year-olds like to go out,” Tatty said. “Let’s say you booked a character dining breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning. There is a very, very high possibility that the Goofy you just had a picture with was actually up in a club until 4 a.m. this morning, got the first train back, and is probably still drunk.”

“It’s absolutely not unheard of for people to come off being friends with a character, vomit, and then continue as normal,” she alleged.

Great Goofini
Credit: Disney

Next, she discussed something Disney character performers called “the Princess effect” or “Princess syndrome.”

“Basically what happens to people that are Princesses, they think they are better than everyone else,” Tatty said. “This isn’t everyone, but there definitely were a select few that had a bit of an ego. And didn’t they let you know it?”

Tatty also spoke about Disney Cruise Line performers. “On the ships, they have a competition to see who can sleep with the highest-ranking person on the ship,” she explained. “…If you’re the captain of any of the Disney Cruises, sir or madam…. somebody is trying to get at you.”

Merida running after a little girl dressed as merida and her mother.
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Lastly, she shared potentially the grossest fact of all. While there are no tunnels or utilidors at Disneyland Paris, a backstage area underneath the Disneyland Hotel contains management offices and dressing rooms for Disney character performers. Think you want to take a trip down there? Think again! Tatty will never forget the smell of “fish” and “sewage” wafting through her dressing room!

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