Disneyland Meet and Greet will Traumatize Kids

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Disney’s Oogie Boogie Bash at California Adventure is set to be the fan event of the spooky season. Not only is Disneyland getting decked out in all of its Halloween splendor, but the event is also getting exclusive villainous Character Meet and Greets not found at places like Walt Disney World.

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As exciting as it is to see characters like Mother Gothel and Ernesto de la Cruz getting Disney Park counterparts, a recent announcement from Disney will have guests absolutely mortified. Where some villains are only marginally scary, there was a time when the studio went off the deep end.

Judge Doom Comes to Disneyland


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An unsettling promo from Disneyland surfaced on TikTok this week, and it looks like both Judge Doom of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Yokai of Big Hero 6 are getting Character Meet and Greets for this year’s Halloween event. That might sound like a heaping helping of fan service for some, but it might be a horrifying idea longterm.

Judge Doom Who Framed Roger Rabbit
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For those of you who haven’t seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit (which you totally should), Judge Doom was the film’s over-the-top villain played by Christopher Lloyd. While his character was intentionally meant to be terrifying and play with villainous stereotypes, he also murders one of Disney’s character’s right on screen.

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Disney Dan recently shared the announcement and the fan response as well, but this addition definitely feels like something meant for adult fans and not the hundreds of young trick-or-treaters that will be in attendance as well. It’s only a matter of time before someone goes home crying.

Disney Villains
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Judge Doom is nothing like the rest of Disney’s rogues gallery. At least characters like Gaston, the Queen of Hearts, and Cinderella’s Step-Sisters have at least some approachability to them, Doom has the exact opposite.

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The image of a tall, pale, and menacing figure dunking an innocent toon in a vat of corrosive dip is hardly the image Disney would normally portray, but if the footage is to be believed, it seems that’s the exact direction they are taking things. Definitely an unexpected dose of nightmare fuel from the house of mouse.

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It’s not like Disney hasn’t been scary before, but Judge Doom is the kind of villain that would make The Black Cauldron’s Horned King look cuddly. We can’t say we know what Disney is going for this year, but we can say that Doom is going to terrify and traumatize young fans once more.

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